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Dedicated servers on xbox

dadderholtdadderholt Member Posts: 9

Am I the only person that if I'm playing survivor that the killers can hit you through pallets hit you through windows even when you take 10 steps on the other side of eighter I was getting a little of that before dedicated servers but now it is 10 times worse I have a clip saved on my xbox live where the killer knocked me down from 16 meters away and he didn't even know where my body was the game right now to me is unplayable on survivor side if this is how dedicated servers are intended I'd rather go back to the old killer is host


  • AceInTheKateAceInTheKate Member Posts: 14

    Your not the only one. Its horrible. Survivors have cylinder hitboxs and with these servers its horrible. They need to actually fix them before the hitboxs kill the game.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 2,187

    It's all of us. Myers hit me from just behind the ledge while I was halfway through falling from the Asylum. My head was at the halfway point.

    Pallet stuns are a trade. They get a hit in return for a stun.

    Every time I 360 a killer, I'm hit from directly behind them.

    I'm getting jumps in position that would have kicked me under the old system.

    PC and Playstation both reported issues before they gave them to Xbox.

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