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Is it even worth reporting survivors working with the killer?

I play on xbox btw, done 3 of 5 gens before the game had progressed at all to find out the other survivors were messing around with the killer.

Is it even worth reporting at this point because I feel as if the amount of times this happens, nothing can really be done about it.


  • HuntarHuntar Member Posts: 844

    Sounds like the other survivors were farming. Farming is not an offense.

    If they were leading the killer to other survivors consistently and intentionally, it might be something they can get infracted for. However, don't forget the ratting out your fellow survivors is considered a valid play in some situations. You need to prove it's malicious, pre-arranged, and consistent.

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,343

    If they were messing around just having a good time, that's frowned upon but not reportable. If they were working with the killer to sabotage you, that's reportable, but as @Huntar said, it needs to be clear that they were doing it with malicious intent and didn't just happen upon you while in a chase.

    As for whether it's worth reporting, it's worth it if what they were doing is legitimately reportable (which it sounds like it wasn't, in your case) and if you have video evidence of the fact. You can still report someone for griefing without evidence, but it will most likely be dismissed since the Support team are very careful about banning people who they don't know for certain are guilty.

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