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Mr. Puddles

VSLlVSLl Member Posts: 263

Hello. I would like to talk about the new Clown skin. I have been waiting for this since last summer. And finally, it's in the game. He has pieces on his body that are invisible and transparent. They can be easily noticed. They are located between the legs and under the right knee:

I also want to say that when a clown swings, his patch with fingers passes through the texture. In this place:

This is very noticeable in your RECKONING Rift Overview trailer. Very noticeable. It becomes funny that the person who mounted this video did not notice and did not say such an obvious defect.

If you have not noticed (which is unlikely) here are the screenshots:

Oh, yes, I wanted to add that the nose of an elephant in this skin behaves very strange and a lot of bugs. Rises, falls, hooks on the texture and so on.

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