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Hitting Survivors while in Frenzy causes you to lose sight of Generator Aura's

mouse0270mouse0270 Member Posts: 558
edited February 21 in The Legion

Platform: PC

Description of the issue: When entering the Legions Feral Frenzy you lose scratch marks but can still see generator aura's, however when I hit a survivor with my Frenzy all of the aura's of my generators disappear.

Steps to reproduce (if possible):

  • Play Legion
  • Enter Feral Frenzy
  • Look around and see Generator Aura's
  • Hit a survivor with your power
  • Look around and see NO Generator Aura's

How often does this occur: It happened every single time during my game

Here is a clip from my stream last night, it might have gotten me a little triggered that game https://clips.twitch.tv/CreativeEndearingSalmonTooSpicy


  • TatariuTatariu Member Posts: 679

    This for whatever reason also affects the auras of totems. It's not listed to be a part of their power, therefore this has to be a bug. I've gone ahead and reported this too the support team, in addition to your bug report here. Hopefully this gets resolved soon.

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 6,704

    Further evidence of this being a bug is Fuming Mixtape, which specifically requires seeing gen aura's in order to work. It wouldn't make sense to include this on a Killer that blocks their own aura reading.

  • goat10emgoat10em Member Posts: 750

    Happens on PS4 as well

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