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That's it. I quit killer. Uninstalled



  • TodgeweihtTodgeweiht Member Posts: 3,320

    I couldnt care less.

  • KerJuiceKerJuice Member Posts: 85

    Well look on the bright side, at least it was worth the extra Bloodpoints for hosting all of those SWF lobbies. Take a break and host some solo que lobbies- less BP, but at least your chances of getting 4K are much higher and you will still have fun even if you get 2K.

    Wait- what's that you say? SWF extra BP lobbies are not a THING?? Well I'll be damned...they sure as hell should be for all the frustration killers go through.

  • saminationsamination Member Posts: 307

    See you next week.

  • VetratheneVetrathene Member Posts: 814

    Yep. Killers can get nerfs with no buffs in recompense, or buffs that don't do anything. But if survivors are getting something nerfed they get something buffed in response. Toolboxes actually seem better now. Sabotage got a lot easier, so its not just SWF that can be sabo bullies. Ruin got nerfed into oblivion and is basically useless. DS got 'nerfed' but in a lot of ways is far more powerful, as before usually only one person would get a DS off a round; where now all 4 will get a chance to get it off if the killer dosen't let them go for 60 [BAD WORD] SECONDS. Its honestly ridiculous, I haven't played for over 2 months outside of checking out the PTB, and I only played that for a few matches to realized how this patch is overall a survivor buff. They just gave some crumbs to killers to try to appease them and make it sound like its a bunch of survivor nerfs.

  • Tipper117Tipper117 Member Posts: 41

    I hear ya man. All I can say is find popular killer streamers on twitch and read around the forums for tips. I know I've started a couple of threads getting advice from people recently on perk builds, specific killer strategies, etc. In the last month my killer game has excelled greatly and I was on a consistent track to red rank before the resets. Pretty sure I'll get there this time before the next reset. There's plenty out there teaching this game, and they're helpful.

    It's also important to keep a cool head, and take a break when you can't. When i occasionally am getting stomped and I'm down to the last gen with only one hook, i just go to an exit gate and open it as soon as the last gen goes. I put my killer in a corner and set the controller down for a couple minutes while i get a snack or play with my doggos. End have collapse and being able to open a gate is one of the single greatest things to happen to this game because it allows you to end the game when it gets rough. This game definitely is balanced in favor of survivors currently, but it's still possible to succeed in high ranks. You just gotta remember it's only a game, keep a cool head, know when to take a break, and just brush off the losses. And try not to focus too much on that little rank number. Adds more unneeded stress sometimes.

  • WylesongWylesong Member Posts: 609

    I read this in your post, "When you have to fight through a team of second chance perks with skin overlays with survs saying ApPlY mOrE pReSsUrE while all gens pop in less time it takes to wait in the lobby as a surv, it gets real old real fast"

    I agree as a killer it is tough to fight through second chance perks and how annoying it can be to get DS 3 times or have slugs get back up and run away while you were trying to down someone else. This is however I feel as well though when the matches you to start with HEX and end with NOED and I still feel this way when I play Survivor and 80% of the killers on the platform I play use NOED.

    I do not hate the use of any perk. I just hate the overuse and seeing them when I am normally paired with at least 2 players as a survivor who have no clue how to counter things.

    It is really tough no matter what side you play and if you don't think so for the people that main killer try for a week for survivor solo que and just watch the perks some killers use and how dumb your partners can be.

    In the end both sides if you take the game to serious make you want to rip your pubes out. lol

  • WylesongWylesong Member Posts: 609

    I agree! There are some games even at peak times that I feel like it is more of a job training people who skipped the tutorial or just simply do not care to learn. I will say my BIGGEST PET PEEVE is survivors who go into a game without even one perk. All the character killer included can start with one personal perk so I hate seeing this. It really makes me think they did not take the time to read or learn and now it's my job to do everything.

  • WylesongWylesong Member Posts: 609

    Well you are quick to judge and I have 1000k hours and I wait no longer than 2 minutes for a game but way to act like you know it all. I forgot PS4 is the only edition. I simply stated from my side of things survivor is not easy when you need to babysit people who cant do a gen and don't even think to equip perks.

    Also get off your high horse and stop being a PS4 Fanboy

  • ZtarShotZtarShot Member Posts: 630

    Ok, I really don't care. You probably aren't console so... Have a great time wherever you are.

  • feechimafeechima Member Posts: 563

    Would you stop going around antagonizing everyone. Every comment you have ever posted is bitter and hateful.

  • douggie123douggie123 Member Posts: 888

    I apologise but sometimes a lot of the comments annoy the hell out of me. Also you are the only person who is complaining about me.

  • WylesongWylesong Member Posts: 609

    You can play with your friends without voice chat. I mean if you want to voice chat go for it but when you play killer and have survivors not needing a single vision perk because they are telling each other where you are then you will get mad. I hope you never have to play killer against SWF Teams. I do not care what people say if you are playing online with voice chat with friends you are also cheating. It makes perks like Kindred, Spine Chill, and Premonition not needed because you pretty much already have them in the form of voice chat between the other survivors.

    I never said you shouldn't play with friends but being able to use more than 4 perks when the killer only gets 4 is a bit to strong.

  • toxcitynacltoxcitynacl Member Posts: 464

    If you are rank 15 and play a swf group on coms all ranked in the red ranks you are going to get pummeled. I don't play killer but for dailies and I am a rank 16 as a killer. Recently, I played a rank 2 and a rank 4 (obviously swfs) and two others closer to my ranks. I was able to hook a couple, they killed my NOED, everyone escaped. But it works both ways. Played as a smurf, met a rank 20 survivor with 5 hours. He got smoked. I gave him some advice (like get rid of we'll make it and replace it with technician as he kept blowing gens left and right), we played together a few games. He got tunneled by some rank 19, he managed to outlive two other survivors in the next game, but still ended up hooked and dead. If you are new you'll get smoked--killer or survivor and new survivors have it worse than new killers of equal ranks anyone who has like 20 hours in game isn't going to do well against someone with 1500 hours.

    And I have a swf team I play with and we play on comms and we still at least 50% of the time all or nearly all die. It is easier to wipe out four solos than four swfs...typically sure but they aren't nearly as strong as you make them out to be since often they go on these suicidal quests to save their friends and end up dying...something many solos simply won't do.

  • kawaiikannibalkawaiikannibal Member Posts: 74

    It's ok. I'll take your place.

  • AvisDeeneAvisDeene Member Posts: 2,396

    Would you please quote all the toxic content that the OP has posted? I went back to reread it and I couldn't discover any of the toxicity that you mention.

  • OBXOBX Member Posts: 522
  • LucianLucian Member Posts: 50

    That's not fixing the issue, merely trying to hide it.

  • yeetyeet Member Posts: 1,704
  • ZamblotZamblot Member Posts: 249

    The problem is balance and the Devs not working around it. Not survive with friends itself...

  • ZamblotZamblot Member Posts: 249

    Wow I skim read your post first and didn't realise you think that playing with friends and voicechat is cheating. How in god's name is it cheating if developers are all for it. You don't hear any developers saying that you shouldn't do it and they support it by adding SWF when practically anyone playing with friends is voicechatting. Why the [BAD WORD] would I want to play with my friends if we weren't speaking, that would LITERALLY be like playing with strangers. You people are so illogical and blame the game on your lack of skill. Hate the player not the game, if you don't like it go but no one wants you here trying to ruin everyone's fun. Sure you may be unsociable and have no friends to play games with but don't try taking everyone else's ability to play with their friends away. I assure you if SWF was taken away you would have an even less enjoyable experience as people would go off dead by daylight so fast. Multiplayer games are meant to be sociable activities so take away the ability to play with friends and it's just utter [BAD WORD]. Go play a single player game if you have no one to play with but don't try to blame other people for your lack of social skills and inability to accept people enjoy speaking to their friends while playing

  • NakedwildmanNakedwildman Member Posts: 198

    the only killer thing i can see in your post is your avatar. Every else point you mentioned is way to unlogic, and not even "make able"...

    Next time try better lies ;)

  • NakedwildmanNakedwildman Member Posts: 198

    youre right, on rank 20 against survivors with 5 hours playtime that have problems with their controls, youre right. In any other case youre wrong, little survivor...

  • OkoruOkoru Member Posts: 144

    Well, with 2-3k hours and your at least rank 15 or higher? Might not be your game my friend..

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