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That's it. I quit killer. Uninstalled



  • VetratheneVetrathene Member Posts: 814

    Yep, I feel like this game was originally made with passion and with a vision, but it was all too quickly corrupted by the sudden success and influx of cash, and now they don't know how to or don't want to stop.

  • OberonOberon Member Posts: 84

    And it's a shame. I remember playing earlier on before SWF and being absolutely terrified of the killer popping around the corner. Now, though, it's just... Nothing. Oh, there's the killer. Let me run him around and get hooked because I know the SWF duo on my team are coordinating and will be able to get me. No worries.

  • NakedwildmanNakedwildman Member Posts: 198

    youre right, i thought i saw a bubba face as avatar. anyways, your "kill rates" are totally non-sense in highrank...

  • VetratheneVetrathene Member Posts: 814

    Or even more likely rank 20, as they've talked about that before because its the 'majority'. No other competitive game balances this way.

  • WylesongWylesong Member Posts: 609

    If developers were for it then why is voice chat not standard in game like it is in Friday the 13th? I could understand voice chat in that and it make more sense because you can only hear each other when near each other or you have walkie talkies.

    Just because they do not say they aren't against it means they are all for it and when did when did they add SWF voice chat?

    How do you not see it as cheating when you as 4 survivors have almost complete vision of the map by communication mean before even picking your 4 perks you already without needing to pick them now have Spine Chill, Kindred, and Premonition?

    I also like that just because I want to keep it fair to killer equals me not having friends. I love how quickly it sinks to elementary level name calling and bullying. I have friends and I 100% have fun and play with friends on this game WITHOUT voice chat. I call them ask them to hop on we play and then we go out for drinks and laugh about how the matches went. I like to play the game the way it was built and not turn it into a Call of Duty game and Scream, KILLER SOUTH OF YOU RUN RUN RUN! Good luck trying to tell people voice chat is not cheating. I am not saying it is horrible but personally I won't use it and neither will my friends because we rely on skill and the 4 perks we pick not 4 plus the extra ones voice chat provides. We use voice chat in games that provide it.

    Waiting for your reply and I am gonna guess it should be after you wake up because of bedtime and all. =)

  • WylesongWylesong Member Posts: 609
    edited March 2

    A couple questions and I will list them.

    When did developers say they are all for SWF? I am just asking not to be mean but looking for the article stating this.

    Also just because developers don't say you shouldn't do it does that mean it is okay? If your mom specifically does not say, "Don't kick me in the face?", does that mean she must be okay if you do it?

    If developers were 100% on board why have they not added voice chat standard like fortnite from the start or with any patch and why do you have to use other ways to voice chat with friends?

    How is it not cheating if you get the standard perks you pick PLUS all the vision perks because you can keep constant eyes on the killer by communicating? This means the entire team gets the 4 perks they pick plus the 3 standard vision perks of Spine Chill, Premonition, and Kindred and leaves the killers with only 4. Yeah I can see how that is fair and fun. It sounds like easy mode.

    Also why does playing a game the way it was meant to played, without voice chat, mean people have no friends?

    I have friends and we do play games together, even this one and we play it the way it was built. I guess unlike you I do not have to talk from a headset because me and my friends can play a game without voice chat and then meet up later at a restaurant or bar and laugh about matches. If you want to play a game and voice chat there is MANY games with it built in standard without needing to use other means. I am not against having fun with friends but if making it unfair for the killer is fun for you then by all means keep doing it but me and my friends like to give the killer a fair chance AND use skill not just scream I SEE THE KILLER! We like a challenge. I mean I guess we could put on our headsets for this one game but why when the game was originally built to be a horror survival. If they wanted I wouldn't even mind voice chat in the way they did in Friday the 13th where you can only hear each other local. That is more realistic but being able to tell each other exactly where the killer is at all times....yeah that seems fair. It has nothing to do with NOT having friends but more about keeping the game balanced. I will await your name calling response but I will not sink to your level.

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  • Fengmin200Fengmin200 Member Posts: 64

    Exactly! And I know people who will make a funny face when they will have to wait 20 hours to find a killer ..!🤣

    Personally I bought all the license killers ... Demogorgon, is the biggest disappointment! In the free killers, the nurse was my first .. they literally killed him!

    Right now, I'm switching between survivors and killers, because I arrested killer for survivor. But as a survivor I don't have the impression of gaining points .. I play the generators ......

    Maybe the people who don't care today will cry for us to come back tomorrow.🙃

  • WylesongWylesong Member Posts: 609

    Take your time but kind of waiting for your answer's to my last post. I am just trying to open a real discussion. Also have been looking all over the internet in search of the developers saying they were all for voice chat. Please give me insight if possible and feel free to answer the questions at your leisure. I am sure it will take some time to find the sources because I am having issues myself.

  • BulletsNonstopBulletsNonstop Member Posts: 364

    How are YOU being bullied and tainted as the killer? 😂 you’re the killer. It’s a game of points in my opinion not kills. If you get the kill, so be it. If not don’t sweat it. You get tons of points for chasing and downing other people. Even if all 4 make it out still as killer you get a fair amount of points. Also, some of these smaller maps such as haddonfield mike Myers map are extremely killer sided. Gen control gets a little too easy and it’s difficult for survivors. The inside maps with tight corridors are also tough. Map design doesn’t favor the survivors either being the fact that there are SO many dead ends and with that lunging long range melee attacks killers have I’d rather vaults not even be in the game at all. I step foot on the other side of those things and take a few steps and killers smash you into the ground from the other side. I’m looking back 100% of the time as to how far back the killer/vault were and it’s not close at all. You’re mad because survivors have a group of people who have learned maps and loops well. If you came into this game 4King like a lot of killers still do then it wouldn’t be fun on survivor side. Why the hell are there so many of you killers that just expect to get your 4Ks? Survivors don’t get points for dying. I shouldn’t be looking at a scoreboard where one teammate tried his hardest keeping the killer occupied, gets tunneled and dies leaving with 5-10K points while killers walk out with 20-30. Gen control is easy sometimes . Just have fun chasing people until they get away or fall into your traps or make a mistake. If they don’t, oh well.

  • WylesongWylesong Member Posts: 609

    Thank you very much =) I tried and could not find it myself. I appreciate it.

  • BulletsNonstopBulletsNonstop Member Posts: 364

    I can tell you newer survivor mains are gonna quit if they keep buffing killers. You guys want gen speed slowed down but gen control can be really tough with these horrible map designs. You wonder why you keep getting rank 1 survivors because that’s all that’s left 😂 4/5 people don’t come in to amuse you at all. From speed to ranged abilities it almost makes me want to rip my hair out in disgust looking at all these People complain about survivors surviving or t bagging you, or taunting you.... you’re the MF killer. I’ve been worked over by killers that come in with really good tactics. People taunt you because they have a system that works quit being a little you know what.. 😂

    that DS perk needs a bigger skill check imo . If it takes up a perk slot AND is very situational when available to use it has every right to Have a Near guaranteed use

  • WylesongWylesong Member Posts: 609
    edited March 2

    I will say though it seems like they are okay with it because they also have no real way to prove who is and isn't using it. They kind of even say, "As a result, voice chat is not cheating. But assuming it was, how would we enforce this?". They continue to say how hard it would be to prove who is using their phones and other things for voice chat and it would turn into a mess. They cannot ban people on simple speculation so the only real option is to say, sure we are okay with it because we have no real way to combat it.

    I kind of think of it like the day when people played games like Golden Eye on N64 and looked at each other screens. How can you prove a friend looked at where you are? You can't so the only thing you can do is accept it and keep playing and getting killed.

  • WylesongWylesong Member Posts: 609

    I am all for voice chat in game. I do like this game actually because when I play solo que I would hate having bullies or young kids screaming like they do in Friday the 13th. I like how the voice chat works in Friday the 13th where you can only hear each other when close to each other OR if you both have walkies.

    I will also take back my statement about it being cheating but being fair I still stand by it is not fair to the killers. I honestly feel bad for killers that have to deal with this. I use to think it was funny but then I watched more videos of it, one even being a Developer himself going against a SWF team and just thought wow. It really provides a much stronger boost to the survivor team when you can clearly keep in contact from any point in the map and plan your tactics. It is like having all the vision sight perks PLUS the 4 each survivor picks vs the killer with only 4 perks and standard vision.

    I agree with some people that said there should be an option to go against friends playing on mics but you as the killer also get extra BP for maybe working much harder. The fear then I have seen from people and I believe even a developer, sorry trying to find that article again, is that if killers can tell they are going against a SWF team then there is a high chance you will see a lot of killers dodging in favor of a Solo que game of survivors.

    I love this game and I love how it plays without mics BUT just to repeat myself it does not mean I am against playing with friends. It just means there needs to be a more balancing way for the killer to play then to without hurting solo survivor players. I think either let the killer decide they want to play against friends on mic for extra BP or maybe something else.

  • OberonOberon Member Posts: 84

    If you're missing DS skill checks, you're already trash at the game...

  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 3,050

    Please stick to COD. Playing killer is easier than it has ever been. 1-2 minute 4ks are nothing special these days considering most red ranks have as much playtime in the game as... Well... You.

  • OberonOberon Member Posts: 84

    Survivor main detected... You could provide constructive feedback instead of insulting a new player, you know. Or do you want DBD to die out?

    They're obviously new to the game and haven't figured out how to apply the minor amount of pressure that killers have available against coordinated teams. They likely won't be able to learn until ranks are fixed. Encouraging them not to play the game is a terrible response.

  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 3,050
  • OberonOberon Member Posts: 84

    Wow. So, instead of arguing the points, discussing the issues, or (God forbid) apologizing for telling a new player to quit, you start posting stats.

    4ks in 2 minutes? You know what? I'm impressed. Potato survivors like that are rare.

  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 3,050

    The reason most killers of this forum struggle is quite simply lack of skill. Easily 99% of all survivors can be downed in a few seconds yet half this forum acts like everyone was a 5 gen looper. I don't support bad killers who want the devs to balance around 4ks without skills. Either get better at the game or don't expect to 4k. Simple as.

  • OberonOberon Member Posts: 84

    You haven't been paying attention to high tier killer players who make videos about this have you? You aren't looking at the numbers... Are you really so deluded that you think a team of survivors who play perfectly against a killer who plays perfectly will lose? The devs have placed an entire hand on the scale in the survivors' favor. If survivors play optimally, they will always win. Always.

    Getting a 4k as a killer is not easy against good survivors; it's nigh impossible against competitive SWF. You're obviously either playing not on PC or not on the NA servers to be getting 4ks in 2 minutes. Those are just silly numbers.

  • emptyCupsemptyCups Member Posts: 1,256
    edited March 2

    A 4K in two is a staged match no matter what you post. 10 seconds is the fastest you can reach the spawn on a small map.

    2 hits if they never run from you 25 seconds

    Move to a hook 30 seconds

    Another survivor stands behind him grab. Bring to hook 45 seconds

    Another survivor stands behind drag to hook 1 minute

    4th survivor grabbed at hook no chase 85 seconds

    Now at this point each of them have to give up all struggles or its literally impossible.

    A match like this at all is hard to speed run if you have stationary targets for 2 minutes in kill ur freinds.. if anyone runs at all or if you get hits instead of grabs you cant have a 2minute game.

    You cannot in any shape or form naturally have a 2 minute 4k games.

    Staged or throwing

    I recommend you be kinder in life.

  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 3,050

    I sure must have a lot of talented actors work for me then as I have multiple 1-3 minute 4ks on my YT some of which contain post game screens to verify ranks. Also I refuse to be kind towards players that barely touched the game yet demand nerfs for survivors when literally everything got nerfed already including things not even killers asked for (vault angle nerf).

    When I started playing killer I had to deal with more pallets, more windows, fast vaults from any angle, pallet vacuums, real instaheals, real brand new parts, real decisive strike, exhaustion recovery WHILE SPRINTING, faster healing and I played without Ruin OR NOED and STILL won more often than I lost.

    And here we have NEW players demanding nerfs for survivors when the devs nerfed literally the entire survivor gameplay to a point where it's basically just boring to play KILLER.

    Therefore all I say is the typical "get good". Killer gameplay is blunt and easy these days.

  • WylesongWylesong Member Posts: 609

    I feel like they are okay with it because they have no real way to prove who is and isn't using it. They kind of even say, "As a result, voice chat is not cheating. But assuming it was, how would we enforce this?". They continue to say how hard it would be to prove who is using their phones and other things for voice chat and it would turn into a mess. They cannot ban people on simple speculation so the only real option is to say, sure we are okay with it because we have no real way to combat it.

    I kind of think of it like the day when people played games like Golden Eye on N64 and looked at each other screens. How can you prove a friend looked at where you are? You can't so the only thing you can do is accept it and keep playing and getting killed.

    Once again I am not against Voice Chat but this game was not intended for it are they would have put it in from the start I feel like.

  • emptyCupsemptyCups Member Posts: 1,256

    Oh good now it's a 1 to 3 minute game ?

    Physically impossible without them literally all running to meet you in the basement no chase all grabs

  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 3,050

    I think you have no idea how long 1-3 minutes are. If 2 survivors mess around the game can end in as quick as 38 seconds.

    1-3 (or an average of 2) minutes for a 4k is nothing special if survivors mess up at the start of the game which you would know if you had a little more than a few days of playtime.

    If you are really bad at the game however obviously EVERY survivor will seem like a looping god.

  • emptyCupsemptyCups Member Posts: 1,256

    Ur trolling or Ur cheating

    Or ur playing a different game because theres no way your faster then the game mechanics.

    No way can you play like that in red ranks without some serious luck of all 4 players running into you to derank.

    If all 4 players dont move. I'm talking AKF you still cant get time.

    On-hit Sprint 2 s6.0 m/s

    Successful attack cooldown 2.5 seconds.

    So a single hit can cover 12m on boost and another 4 before your cooldown is done 16m distance.

    A 4.6 killer would have to run in a straight line to overtake the speed for 10 seconds starting after the cooldown. You have to do that for each survivor for a 4k. They can litterally blow 50 seconds by just running after your first hit.

  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 3,050

    Except there's no such thing as a second hit when I'm playing Bubba and everyone fails to loop and spawns together.

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