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The 4.2.2 Bugfix Patch drops today. Click the link below for release times and patch notes.

Lack Luster Killer Experience

The killer experience is horrible now. I really used to enjoy playing killer, even back in the un-nerfed DS days. But now is seems extremely frustrating to apply pressure to generators. The Hex: Ruin Perk was a great band aid to slow the progression of generators for non high mobility killers but now there’s nothing barr from the Corrupt Intervention Perk and I really struggle to capitalise on those two minutes of blocked gens. Commit to a chase and POP… there goes a gen or two annnnd that’s it…

Now you only have three perks for the rest of the match.

You know there’s a serious problem when the big name streamers are in agreement that the generator speed is problematic. I’ve heard TrU3Ta1ent say this multiple times also Otzdarva states this frequently.


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