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Bug On Live Build - Blood Web With Error Showing After Game

DrakeKiller101DrakeKiller101 Member Posts: 19

Every now and then, for a reason I have yet to see, after I play a game and go back from the after game lobby to upgrade and spend bloodpoints (pressing "upgrade" in the after lobby), I get the blood web to appear as if I'm upgrading. The only thing about it is; First, I see the killer as if I'm upgrading a killer, and second, I have to press "escape" in order to get out of this "menu", no other button works and no on screen button appears. Lastly, pressing escape to get out of this menu sends me to the main menu, not even back to a killer game, nor a survivor game. Have no clue what any other criteria for this to appear is, other then what I already said, that is. Also accompanied by and error message, don't have a screenshot of that though unfortunately.

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