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Likes dislikes, and feedback of new forum theme.

WateryWatery Member Posts: 1,118


  • Eyecatching
  • Easy to interpret information
  • Forum on PC is stunning and works great
  • Notification system better
  • Accessing categories made much easier, doesn’t feel as convoluted with assistance of flavor text
  • Not as jarring


  • Lack of functionality on mobile
  • Footer bar on mobile having little to no function
  • lack of easy access to profile
  • Organizing forum posts on mobile tremendously difficult due to odd choices in menu
  • battery draining
  • Huge space in between text and profile stats and such, (will provide picture)

Closing thoughts:

Personally I like the new forums, but I visit them mostly on mobile, and the changes haven’t been great. It is too easy to get lost, and posting has been made more difficult due to strange text choices when drafting: the entirety of the body text is bolded and can be hard to tell that there’s issues until I post it. I’ll better contextualize the criticisms provided, but that will take me a few minutes.


  • WateryWatery Member Posts: 1,118

    The body text is underneath this HUGE empty space.

    Also, when posting, after the verification aspect (which isn’t DBD’s fault, it’s the forums providers): post leads to this

    Could be due to the fact I’m on data, but this wasn’t an issue prior to the overhaul.

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