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Deathslinger buff ideas/Sabo nerfs/Gen speed

BreadzBreadz Member Posts: 16
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The most recent PTB is sort of broken.

The deathslinger-Right now this killer is very weak due to his low mobility. I've thought about countless of buffs talked about and made some of my own ideas that fell shortly. I think the perfect buff to him is add an alternate ability like Freddy. The buff I'm thinking of is a pulling ability basically identical to widow maker in Overwatch. I think this ability should use up your harpoon shot in your gun. I'm not sure whether I think it would be broken if it could grapple upwards or not. This is also paired with a speed boost because what would be the point of his grapple if it was slow.

The next change that needs to be made is he needs to be buffed to a 115% movement speed killer because he's really weak at pallets right now and this would bring him up the tier of killers.

The next change that needs to be made is I think personally think he needs to be able to do actions while someone is hooked from his gun. For example if someone were on the other side of a pallet loop I think the killer should be able to break pallets while someone is chained because making it to the other side of the pallet right now is usually impossible.

The last change that needs to be made with this killer is he needs updated hotboxes because right now his gun is very very wacky and there's even proof of how buggy it is

I've accounted for difficult mechanics and enjoyment from playing from both sides and I feel that I've struck the perfect balance. With these changes he wouldn't feel impossible to play against but it would still be difficult. As the deathslinger it would feel less frustrating and would be a lot more enjoyable.

Sabotage patch notes-

The new sabo is fun to play with and its a lot more fair to both sides. My only complaint is a survivor who is hit can start working on the hook again and finish it. Just change the sabo speed from 2.5 seconds to 3.25.

Gen repair speed-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVnWIe-5Lcs&t= Please add this idea

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  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 3,092

    Doesn't sound like fun changes. Maybe if Sabo was instant instead of 2.5s.

    Also the killer's line should beak if the survivor teabags.

  • CornMossCornMoss Member Posts: 331

    Yes I want

  • BreadzBreadz Member Posts: 16

    IDK I think these changes sound fine IDK how they wouldn't be fun to play against. It's hard to argue because I don't know what you consider fun. If this isn't fun than playing against every other killer isn't fun because this is probably the fairest killer to play against and is completely based on survivor skills like awareness and decision making. Other than that I completely agree with the tea bag idea to get out of his struggle. It takes a ton of skill and inexperienced survivors wouldn't understand how to do meaning this mechanic would have a high skill roof. Plus in physics it just makes sense. They should also have an auto DC mechanic for the killer when a survivor gets hooked because if the survivor isn't having fun it's the killers fault for tunneling or whatever he did.

  • BreadzBreadz Member Posts: 16

    Thank you, now for the devs to implement this idea.... wait a minute

  • DWolfAlphaDWolfAlpha Member Posts: 689

    Um, deep Wound is between injured and dying. If you mend, you don't go to healthy state, so it already injures survivors.

  • BreadzBreadz Member Posts: 16

    What are you trying to say? and also if you mend you go back to full health at least I think thats how its working

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 6,798
    edited March 2

    No when you mend you are still in injured state, you do not go back to full health after mending.

  • ZoneDymoZoneDymo Member Posts: 1,946

    asking for buffs already.... give it like a month or something jeez.

  • BulletsNonstopBulletsNonstop Member Posts: 364

    I don’t agree with gen speeds. I think they’re fine if not give a speed boost if they’re closer together or just spread the maps out make them bigger. I mean, Jesus gen camping is real In This game 😂 it doesn’t sound like fun being in a small map with a killer. Give me room to venture out and survive. This video and you’re requests seems too Killer sided. Why does everything seem killer sided? You do realize killers were the ones that got most of the buffs in the recent patch right? I love playing survivor, I’ve played killer but I enjoy survivor more because I want the chase but.... seems it’s short lived. If that’s what this game thrives on I want longer chases. Seems the killer is too fast in my opinion. Those that are slower than others have plenty of abilities to make up for it. It’s kinda bs some of the hits they get off on survivors. Especially THROUGH vaults. I try to avoid those things now because I can’t get through and out before going down.

  • DWolfAlphaDWolfAlpha Member Posts: 689

    No, mending isn't healing. You're still injured after. I believe you are thinking of cleansing when against the plague. If you are broken from vile purge and cleanse, even if you take damage before being broken, it fully heals you.

  • ZaitsevZaitsev Member Posts: 743

    They dont need to buff his speed at all if they add the ability to drag over pallets and windows. Obviously, dragging survs over either would heavily weigh on the chain's durability.

    Also make the harpoon itself actually damage ffs, so the follow up hit downs. Huntress can get downs just as fast if not faster, and the harpoons miniscule hitbox is also hard to hit with.

    Deep Wounds should occur if a surv breaks free or the killer swings without hitting a hooked survivor.

  • BreadzBreadz Member Posts: 16

    I'ts been a while already and people aren't happy with the killer.The PTB is there to make changes and test reactions from players. If we just wait then give them complain later we're probably not going to get the changes we want.

  • BreadzBreadz Member Posts: 16

    First of all I didn't even say he should be able to drag survivors over pallets or windows. I said he should be able to vault windows,break pallets, damage generators, and ETC. If you're talking about the grapple ability I was talking about well you're misunderstanding how it works. Like I said it works very very similary to widowmaker from overwatch's hook she uses for momentum with a small tweak like hook range, hook availability, and ECT.Also if we made him harpoon do damage there wouldn't be any variety in this game. Huntress would literally be rendered useless and their abilities would be stupidly similar. Plus adding combo's to this game is unhealthy to do because it allows trash players to get free kills. Survivors shouldn't be punished that hard for bad positioning. It would make him a low skill cap killer and playing against him would feel hopeless and then this would lead to more stealthy playstyles. Also if you could get the deep wound status effect even while swining what would be the point of taking the cooldown for breaking the chain. Another thing wrong with that mechanic idea would be that it doesn't allow for different strategies in the game. Right now you could follow the swing to break the chain up with a down instantly or you could get punished for playing so greedy. Adding this would make him a boring plain killer that doesn't have any other decisions to make.

  • Write_By_DaylightWrite_By_Daylight Member Posts: 76


    He's not weak. Get better.

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