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A New Mindset (Killer)

OkoruOkoru Member Posts: 144

I've recently come back to Dead By Daylight cause a couple good friends play and I wanted something different. I've been very intrigued on playing Killer this time around. Never really played Killer before mainly survivor. Been watching a lot of streams like Otz, Uncharted, Goose etc. Was watching Otz youtube videos because I didn't know who I wanted to buy as my new main killer and I know he has some great content on Killers, who you should pick, why you should pick, and etc. Obviously starting from scratch, perks like ruin (even post nerf) Discordance, and obviously BBQ and Chilli are all good perks when looking for killers that have good teachables. The consensus was obviously GET BUBBA. GET THOSE BBQ STACKS AND GRIND BP. Which I did. Obviously Leatherface isn't the best killer, some would even say low tier. Otz said this in his video that LF isn't the best killer but you do what you gotta do. One thing he said stuck with me and that was, "[BAD WORD] rank, [BAD WORD] how many kills you get, just have fun. If you pip up or pip down, go into the game having the mindset you're gonna have fun with leatherface and have a fun game. Grind that BP and just get him to 35. Knowing I was using someone of lesser skill and potential, as well as not ideal perks, I had a lot of fun playing bubba. I played about 6-7 hours and got him to 35. I had a couple games against purple and red rank SWF that destroyed me but were good sports. Most of the games were 3k's. I feel like going into games with a more positive mindset can be very beneficial playing killer. (less stressful) I know there's tons of discussion on these forums about balance and competitiveness but some people on here would benefit fixing their pregame mindset and actually try to have fun. If you made it this far thanks for reading.

TLDR: A mindset that you're going to have fun next game can prove very beneficial. IMO


  • Mo4ntusMo4ntus Member Posts: 415

    It’s hard to have fun when if you make a single mistake survivors will gloat in your face

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