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Year of the Dog Huntress mask missing

wersma_pantswersma_pants Member Posts: 11
edited February 27 in Visual


Description of the issue:

Hey so I made a ticket weeks ago and still haven't gotten an answer. It went missing right before the update that added in the cosmetics which were previously unobtainable outside of purchasing codes. Also my Hillbilly's Pro-Pain hammer and David's Year of the Dog event jacket. I think Kate's slip shirt from the same event as the Pro-Pain hammer is missing too, but I haven't checked.

I would love to have these things back since I kinda earned them and to this day the Huntress dog mask is my favorite.

Is anyone else missing theirs? I noticed earlier that not everyone is affected by this because I went up against a Huntress with the mask on.

Steps to reproduce (if possible): Log into my account? Look at my past DBD record?

How often does this occur: From pre-patch with the free Bloodletting Dwight shirt etc. to now


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