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Speed of light nurse

GzillaGzilla Member Posts: 28

So I was playing the nurse and using spasmodic breath and heavy panting addons. I downed 2 survivors in a row, the second one i believe with a blink, and all of a sudden i'm moving way faster than the addon ever intended. It seriously looked like I was using speed hacks but I wasn't. On top of moving fast I could also still use the blink ability. Has anyone else found this crazy bug?


  • PatchNoirPatchNoir Member Posts: 404

    i got my account banned for this, actully there is a mod thread saying that this is a bug and using those addons together is an exploit, be carefull i didnt know and got banned now i am not even playing the game anymore and i was level 260.

  • GzillaGzilla Member Posts: 28

    I am not using it since I found out, but that is very unfortunate that you can get banned for something that is the DEVS FAULT FOR EXISTING. FIX YOUR GAME BHVR.

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