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15 Minutes ago i turn on my ps4 to see me banned, for "exploiting bugs of the game or design flaws to receive an competitive advantage". Could you guys at least provide me a message saying the reason?, when someone use the report they dont even receive an call back from the report team, now i got banned for just playing good as a killer.

seriously i was just playing doc with knockout and deerstalker and when i downed 2 people i hooked the first one, THIS IS EXPLOITING?. how did you guys came into an agreement that i was exploiting the game?.

i think that those survivors dont know how to lose and now that they cant DC they are swarming flags against good killers. Thats one more reason that i dont like going against SWF they report you when they lose and when they win they t-bag or stay inside the match until you make them go out the hatch or the exit gates


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