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Survivors lose addons in the next update?

So in the upcoming update with the Deathslinger, I noticed that survivors will now lose all addons they have on their item. I kinda understand why because it's just to keep up with killers losing their addons to their power and it would be more fair if both sides lost addons when the match is over, but why not just change the occasion killers lose addons so that way everyone has a chance of leaving the trial with them all. my thought was that killers who got a merciless victory get to keep both of their addons equipped for the trial, and if they had a brutal/ruthless status, then they only get to keep one of them (first one) and no addons are saved when the entity is displeased. i just don't think it makes any sense for survivors to lose the addons at the end of a trial when they survived with them and should be able to keep them. thoughts?


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