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Hunter Trial Mode

Whether it's the custom games bug or you got lucky with an extra killer bug, you can't deny that there's something exciting about having multiple killers in one game.

Imagine a game mode where let's say for now, 3 killers enter a game with 6 survivors.

5 minutes on the clock that starts at game start, now the killers objective is to chase and mori the survivors, earning them a point for every mori. After the game timer, the killer with the most moris wins.

The survivors role is to keep chases going or to hide, hiding being harder than what it would be in game atm as more killers have have eyes around the map. If killed, they will respawn in the map after a few seconds.

The scoring for killer would be how quick they can end chases, finding survivors, how many kills they achieve. The survivors would be chases, losing a killer, their ability to survive as long as possible and the amount of times they died.

This post is just for pure fun to see what people think


  • AcculllaAccullla Member Posts: 984

    That's an interesting idea, although the survivor gameplay might be a bit boring.

    One problem I see is pallets/loopable tiles - once all pallets have been used up (and this will happen really quickly if survivor's main objective is to keep a chase going for as long as possible) there will be just a few tiles left where you can actually run the killer. This will result in multiple survivors and killers ending up at the same spot, resulting in a massive clusterfu**

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