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[Deliverance] The perk didn't activate

Platform: PC (Steam)

My perks: Distortion, Borrowed Time, Deliverance, Decisive Strike (all Tier III)

I was playing solo on Mother's Dwelling map. I unhooked Jane in the basement (hook stage 1). It was in the hunting cabin and we were outside Hillbilly's terror radius. Jane had Leader perk. At this point there were only three survivors (one disconnected long before Jane was hooked, I believe), no EGC. Shortly after we ran out of basement, Hillbilly downed me. I got hooked for the first time (also in the basement). I didn't pay attention all this time and only when I tried to escape from the hook did I notice that the perk didn't activate. While I was struggling, the third survivor got hooked not far from the cabin. I got unhooked by Jane, ran out of the cabin, got down, got picked up. The DS activated, I escaped and unhooked another survivor. I noticed that this time Deliverance did activate so I assume Safe Hook Rescue didn't register the first time. But like I said, I didn't pay attention so I don't know.

That was my first time running this exact build (at least in a long while). I decided to play the game a few more times with the same perks but didn't have any issues. It didn't cross my mind to check the killer's perks at the time but I remember he only had 2 perks. Didn't screenshot anything.

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