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Hag Teleport Camera Glitch

JitteryJaredJitteryJared Member Posts: 1

Anytime I teleport to a hag trap, my camera is teleported like normal, then teleported back to my original position for a second, and then teleported back to the trap. This happens every time i teleport to a trap in every single game making hag unplayable for me. Its incredibly confusing and makes it to where its nearly impossible to get teleport hits as hag. I can post a video of the bug if anyone wants to see it. Hope this gets fixed its been happening to me for a long time and hag used to be my main killer.


  • MrDardonMrDardon Member Posts: 1,919

    Yeah it's an extremely annoying bug. Just had it as well. I guess I won't touch this Killer until it's fixed.

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