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[Sole Survivor] No tokens from teammate deaths at all/Aura is still revealed at all activated ranges

RigbetaRigbeta Member Posts: 56
edited March 2020 in Perks and Add-ons

Platform: PC

Description of Issue: Sole Survivor keeps getting this bug and now it has been consistently broken for every match I've played using it now. Every single match, Sole Survivor doesn't receive tokens when teammates are killed or sacrificed. The perk Icon doesn't light up at all when your Aura is supposed to be suppressed in the event it would be revealed.

So it's basically a wasted perk slot right now. It just plain doesn't activate at all. And I know my Aura is being revealed because I run adept build on Laurie, so Object of Obsession perfectly showcases Sole Survivor's failure to hide the Aura. I've also gone against a Ghost Face running "I'm All Ears", and again, he clearly saw my aura. Same happened with A Pig using 'Amanda's Letter'. She always saw my location even when I wasn't looking at her with "Object of Obsession." I looked in the direction of a Spirit during Endgame collapse (After I'd outlived all my teammates) and she immediately saw me and bee-lined to my vicinity (I was looking at her through the tall hedge at Badham) so she would've had to have seen my aura, as she did not have whispers, nor did she have any tracking perks besides Barbecue & Chili (Which I had avoided successfully) before she left and activated endgame.

And that's just three examples. There's been many more throughout my matches, all increasingly aggravating because I love running Adept builds, but it's disheartening when the perk fails to activate.

Steps to Reproduce: Use the perk "Sole Survivor."

How often does this occur: So far, every single match I've played using it.

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