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People messing aroung with redlight config

trusyrentrusyren Member Posts: 1


To begin this post, let me show some rules listed in this forum:

  • Exploit bugs, errors in design, or undocumented features to gain access to what otherwise would not be available or to obtain a competitive advantage

and a permaban rule to not use:

Using 3rd party software or other tools to gain any kind of unfair advantage that wasn’t intended by the game, except if they have been whitelisted by us. We are not banning for the use of communication apps.

Im not posting this as a report, but a visual issue in the sense that i think you guys could make impossible to people to change files to get redlight that big and passing through walls.

Some patches were released trying to correct when the redlight pass through some walls, so its clearly not intended by the game something like that happening. And if this is not a unfair advantage or competitive advantage, what it is?

Bad for the killer and bad for other survivors in a competitive way because you dont need to predict big part of the killer movement if compared with the standard setting of the game. It just kills the mind-game in both sides.

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