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Why does Australia love DBD so much?

OkoruOkoru Member Posts: 144

Idk why but I have noticed a big community of Dead By Daylight streamers are ozzies. Why is it so popular? Just curious is all. I love watching people like Goose and uncharted who are also from that part of the globe.


  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 10,744

    Same question about the russians loving this game alot.

    Its a fun game to play to pass time

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188

    It's a way to pass the time while the world burns, floods, and becomes infected around us.

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,337

    I don't think DBD has a larger playerbase, proportional to the total population, in Australia than in, say, the US or Canada. It's just that people tend to forget Australia exists, because it's not the "default" if that makes any sense. So when they find out someone is from there, it stands out in their memory more. It's like "oh, you're from Australia, wow!" as opposed to "oh, you're American, that's cool I guess, me too".

  • KeezoKeezo Member Posts: 283

    A. We [BAD WORD] love horror down here

    B. We already have to deal with death fuelled fauna every day, so DbD functions like a safer home away from home, ya know?

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    It's nice to have something LESS deadly than usual hunting me down for once.

    In an area with some of the deadliest fauna a short walk away and it commonly reaching over 40*C (100+*F) with above 50% humidity, having a childlike Russian woman hurtling hatchets who's somehow BIGGER THAN ME, and I'm about 6"6' and decently built, is strangely relaxing. I don't have to look over my shoulder as much.

    That and it seems like we love horror like the Brittish love crime dramas. I can't stop laughing at Final Destination, or marvel at the mechanical genius of the SAW traps. The only horror movie that has really scared me was Wolf Creek, but that was several days later when you wake up and realise just how realistic that one is.

    I almost feel bad for recommending to MandyTalk now.

  • DragonMasterDarrenDragonMasterDarren Member Posts: 743

    I'm going to assume that Auzzies like this game because they already live in a country where everything wants to kill them (including mother nature) and, therefore, think they can handle anything this game throws at them

  • acab1312acab1312 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1
    edited August 2020

    Wow. You all sound the same.

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 2,763

    It's funny though, the community is pretty small down here. You get familiar names nearly every other match if you're in the high ranks.

  • NinjaDette1NinjaDette1 Member Posts: 1,289
    edited August 2020

    I’m pretty sure I’m one of the only few people from The Hawaiian islands that play DBD.

  • Cornpopers_EvanCornpopers_Evan Member Posts: 1,946

    Was hoping to see you in here, I hope life's been treating you well and, like I said before, I couldn't be happier you decided to stick with the forums, even in small increments! ^_^

    Completely agree with you, as a American, hearing when someone is from a different place is much more memorable then hearing someone is from the states. For example, about a week ago, I got to talk with someone from Italy and it was super cool while I've meet a few from the states and, while cool, wasn't as NEARLY as remarkable.

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,337

    I appreciate the well-wishes, and same to you 😊

    (For the record though, I wouldn't take my commenting here to mean anything as far as my current level of activity goes - this thread was made back in March and just got resurrected a few days ago.)

  • Cornpopers_EvanCornpopers_Evan Member Posts: 1,946

    Wow, didn't even notice honestly until you said something. xD

    However, just getting to see and talk with you some makes my day so much better! :)

  • MrGimmsYouTubeMrGimmsYouTube Member Posts: 30

    I"m a Australian streamer but live in the UK... Does that mean anything?

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,337

    You're adorable, thanks Evan ❤️ Talking to you makes my day better as well 🤗

  • Cornpopers_EvanCornpopers_Evan Member Posts: 1,946

    Aww, thanks Fibi, you're such a absolute sweetheart. ^_^ <3

  • TerrorUnleashedTerrorUnleashed Member Posts: 156

    Perhaps because it’s a fun game, and not because we’re Aussie?

  • cheetocultleadercheetocultleader Member Posts: 1,029

    Well, I was engaged to an Aussie for about 2 years, and subsequently got to know a few Aussies. They were all gamers, and I mean dedicated. Australia has a pretty large gamer population, me thinks.

    He also liked to fight things a lot. If he ever plays DBD, he should be David. Though they got a thing about being called British so idkkkkk...

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