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Unbroken & Evader emblems not working properly?

Hi, I am not sure it is a bug or me and a mate are really dumb, but I can swear these 2 emblems from time to time are broken! We both encountered unbroken emblems being bronze, but the bar not being loaded at all(and we should've gotten silver for sure, not bronze. I can specifically remember when my teammate died after all 5 gens were done, a match of 7-8 minutes and he got bronze for the unbroken emblem after being hooked 3 times, it was for sure a bug there...) and the Evader emblem we are sometimes chased alot by the killers and the evader emblem is barely bronze or silver, it seems so underperforming considering the amount of time the killer has been chasing us...

Does anyone else feel these 2 emblems are broken and do not give enough points as they should do? We are red ranks, it's not about ranking up or not, but it seems sometimes they are not fair relative to the amount of stuff we did in those matches and I definitely feel they're bugged more or less...

Any ideas?


  • gatsbygatsby Member Posts: 2,330

    Unbroken and Evader are both the emblems that the Killers have the most control over.

    Unbroken and Evader basically just say how easy of a target you were for the Killer to focus down. Try using Sprint Burst and you’ll see a massive improvement. Because it drastically decreases the odds of getting hit early in a chase and the Killer committing to chasing you in general.

    So you “win” more chases and get downed less often

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