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Do something about teammates killing us more than the killers

In the last 2 days, I've died on hook after the last gen was done 32 times (after a certain point you just start keeping track because of how ridiculous it is) because my teammates refused to save me

Granted some of them were because the teammates were low rank and didn't know how to make the save or were too scared, and thats understandable.

but seriously almost EVERY GAME I PLAY I GET KILLED BY MY TEAMMATES. Its either because they refuse to come unhook me even when the killer is on the opposite side of the map carrying/chasing somebody else or because they dont want to go for a save because its not an easy play (these are red and purple ranks) or because your matchmaking system stuck me in a team of yellow and brown rank survivors.

Can we PLEASE do something to counteract this? like make a report option for "refused to work as a team" or something. Not to get them banned or anything but like if someone gets a bunch of these bad teammate reports, with similar descriptions so people cant abuse the system, maybe they dont get to play survivor for x amount of time, or they get a little icon next to their name for a while so people know they dont do teamwork and can leave the lobby before the match starts. just SOMETHING because I've played GREAT games (I've also played absolutely horribly but thats not what were talking about here) and died on my first hook because my teammates refused to rescue me for whatever reason.

and in case you're thinking "maybe you're a bad teammate too and didn't save them" I 99%'d a gate yesterday and ran across the map in a game vs the cannibal to unhook someone and then right next to the gate in his terror radius i unhooked another person, when i could've just left them to die. So no thats not how I play.


  • emptyCupsemptyCups Member Posts: 1,256


    You spent the time in a video game forum so I'm assuming you can work an LFG... 110% no reason not to play with a squad with 4 "friends" on coms so you can coordinate perks.

  • AnnoyedAtTheGameAnnoyedAtTheGame Member Posts: 268

    The worse ones are the ones who don't unhook me or the ones that stand in my way so I can't get past them

  • TheNerdyRockstarTheNerdyRockstar Member Posts: 61

    Youre right its possible but Ive also tried to find people to play with on multiple occasions and Ive gotten 2 so far and i havent actually managed to play with either of them

    i just have them added on steam

  • GoshJoshGoshJosh Member Posts: 544

    Unfortunately, there are not enough moderators and there isn't enough time to babysit every match. Just reality. Find a good group of survivors and stick with them.

  • nea_isnt_a_killernea_isnt_a_killer Member Posts: 34

    The real problem are the altruism parasites who will carelessly unhook you right in front of the killer's face, or unhook you and try to force you into a heal when it's obvious that the killer is walking straight back to the hook. Those same people will throw the game by wasting several minutes self-caring in a corner of the map, hiding instead of trying to finish the last gen, taking turns unhooking each other until they die and working on no generators the entire game, etc. Ranking system needs to be better because I am 100% convinced that these people did not earn their ranks, and were just boosted by their friends. I shouldn't have to still be putting up with this at red ranks.

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