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Offering backs all skulls?

remove_swfremove_swf Member Posts: 13
edited March 2020 in Perks and Add-ons

Platform: Steam

Description: I could have sworn that in the past, burned offerings were indicated as either survivor (with the doll head) or as killer (with the skull). Now they all show up with skulls. When a secret offering is burned it can be confused as either a survivor secret or killer secret. I am seeing survivors DC to dodge moris when it's a survivor offering. Irrespective of the DC's justification, it is wasting everyone's time for no reason.

If this is a bug as I thought, fix it. Otherwise (or in addition) it would also do well if survivor secrets were only hidden from the killer and not other survivors.

Steps: Burn an offering as a survivor.

How often: 100%

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