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Things that have to go

Greetings, since i am on the edge to drop dbd(easy as thant, if i had an alternative i would leave for good) i will try to make some suggestions to calm down my nerves and make me believe i try everything to save the thing i liked so much(yes we all now, that they give a ######### about those things, since they know better than those stupid idiots we users are)

  1. The mindset that losing 2 gens in 2 Minutes is anyway okay: Just block all Gens for 2 Minutes and reduce the Gens you have to repair to 3. No one have to be frustrated about your poor early game balance anymore, since no one will realize it anymore. Works like hiding ranks and swf. Should be your thing, not?
  2. SWF and certain perks like Object of Obsession and items like Maps. The communication linked with this things are just completly busted and unfair towards solo survivors. So just make the killer and all his belongings visible to everyone, if the perks or items are used. So more balnce between swf and solo and killers dont have to rage over the abuse of perma visibility on swfs, since this always be the case and they can finally git gud and work around this!
  3. Finishing the gen in the killers face. THis is an extreme source of stress, while your a on the climax of the heartbeat, immersed in readlight to push the last 10% of the gen with your mates. And if you think to the killer who have to fear that he just got locked in a grap animation for nothing and is extremly stressed, since he have to push those 2 others away, even if it is completly senseless since the last one will faster return than you can recover from the hit, just give a 10% repair shock if some gets hitted close to thje gen. THis will end the misery for everyone just quicker.

Okay, now seriously. Starting a game and losing gens, whatever you do or not do, even if you have maybe a "game" later(but mostly because the survivors manage to 3 gen themselves hard) the games are unfun, win or lose. It is just stress, because it isnt just feeling unfair, it is unfair. I thing Ruin like it was should be always be active. Skillchecks should have a meaning. And since you think it is to much random, just trigger one skill check randomly all 10% for everyone on the gen and always when you start working on a gen. You can even hardcount the progression-skillchecks for this, so if you fail everything there wont trigger again when your progress dropped after a bad skillcheck(or killer kicked the gen for regression).

And the other, completly unfair thing are all the detection perks for swf. The communication between the mates just brake all ingame mechanics. Being coordinated and giving informations about getting chased, seeing a totem, etc. should be enough. Be in a swf group should lock all detections perks. It is over the top and make balance with solo impossible.

And the last thing is what i hate personally the most. Repairing gens just in your face. It just shows how much disrespect there is towards the killer role. Usually it only happens with swfs, since they are confident enough but even a solo guy who just pushes through the last % while you slashing his back gives you just an awful feeling of imnpotence. It just shows how powerless the killer really is. For the duration of the speedboost after a hit, you shouldnt be able to repair a gen.

At the moment there isnt really a meaning for being injured anyway. I run iron will as survivor and just give a ######### about being injured. it just let me utilize my dead hard better. Action speed should be reduced by 30% or even more if your are injured. This would make healing much more necessary, what will slow down the game a little bit(and give pressure gens finally more of a meaning than a bad meme)

And im pretty sure if this is adressed you can finally work against slugging and camping, which destroys the fun for a single survivor, too. Like default unbreakable and BT(in hookstage 2) outside the EGC. Fixing this in the current state will just crush the balance more. But i can say getting slugged or camped makes a game to a complete waste of time, especially as a solo player

have fun


  • Steve0333Steve0333 Member Posts: 529

    Lol why do maps have to go? You know maps have an add on that allows all survivors to see the aura of the map. So maps dont really give swfs an advantage that you cant get with solo. Maps are not that strong anyway. They are good for totem hunting and finding the hatch but that's it.

    And survivors finishing gens in front of the killer is not done to " disrespect" the killer like tea bagging is. It's normal for survivors to commit to a gen and accept a hit if it's close to being finished. Why would I run away from a gen that has only a second left and risk it being popped goes the weasel'd and then regressing to a point it never gets done?

  • grayon444grayon444 Member Posts: 757

    Things that have to go:

    OP's post.

    I get how SWF has the biggest advantages in a game like this, but you do know that IF they remove it the player base would drop drastically, right?

    And good players will always pop a gen right in front of your face because they are not scared.I know how much it sucks as a killer but don't expect me to run to the other edge of the map because you are coming my way when my gen is like 98% done.

  • KillviverKillviver Member Posts: 34

    At least they have to use an addon for the same effect on maps and dont come with ultra range...

    And the problem with face-gen-finishing is not "disrespect" like teabagging but the problem, that you cant pressure gens when they get finished in front of your face. Why would you run away? Because the ######### killer is behind you. But you see, you dont want to give a ######### about this fact, since why run, gen is nearly done who cares about the killer...If it a second to go, avoid the hit and go for it. But actually it is much more there are 5-10 seconds to go and you just push through it. And a group of good survivors can finish it form the scratch while the killer is next to it if he doesnt have instadowns. it is just about "pressure gens" while you just cant pressure gens if survivors dont let themselves pressured because they dont care about the killer, like you actually do?

  • KillviverKillviver Member Posts: 34

    maybe read? there is no where seen that swf should get removed. just certain perks should be blocked for swf. and for the gen, see the other post. you can do much more than just 2% while the killer is already there and not "coming your way". it should be a high risk , high reward thing, but actually it is an rly low risk, especially with adrenaline, dh and dedicated servers. if you had read the post you could discuss the suggestion of not being able to repair after you got hitted but i think that would be to hard? better make more assumptions like removing swf was the intention

  • HectorBrandoHectorBrando Member Posts: 2,338

    Weird thing, I play Myers and Pig and Im used to lose 1 generator before I hook someone and 2 before I hook 2/3, that being said those 2 gens are of little consequence since they are always the isolated ones (I make sure of that).

    People have to change the mindset, before the EGC it was very important to not lose 2 gens because it meant the Hatch wouldnt spawn and you would get 4k. Now with EGC hatch will always spawn, there is no need to sweat all over the place trying to protect everything, is better to strategize and secure the generators that benefit you the most and clear of pallets the area, trying to lead the first chased survivor to them so he can drop pallets and to pressure potential survivors on said gens. They finish the isolated gen in Killer shack in Ormond? big deal, they still have 4 more to finish, in that time you might have broken several pallets in the strong jungle gyms near 3 gens and hooked 1 guy.

    Finishing a gen in front of the killer is usually done to avoid Pop kicks, not to bully someone and unless its the 4º or 5º gen (especially the 5º since thats when adrenaline activates) is not that serious.

    Maps are useless, I wish more survivors used them when im playing killer instead of medkits, toolboxes or flashlights.

  • grayon444grayon444 Member Posts: 757

    Maybe specify?

    Things that have to go:

    ''SWF and certain perks like Object of Obsession and items like Maps.''

    And what you're saying for the gens is that i should not pop the gen that is 1 second away from being done so i don't hurt the killer's feelings?

    Big lol.

    Stop being so sensitive over a video game, mate.

    And what about my feelings?

    What if i get face camped with a chainsaw and no one comes to save me?

    Go and cry on the forum's shoulders like you?

  • KillviverKillviver Member Posts: 34

    ######### read the post actually man. it is specified by the context and i am talking about facecamping, too. and i start with 10% which are actually 8 seconds, not the last 1. and this is just for an not so extreme average since gens get done from the stzart in your face if you met real players.

    but you just refuse to read the post, so you just keep on asuming what i maybe wrote, meant and didnt mention, not? but at the end, personal attacks are always better than trying to counter the arguments, so why waste your time in getting to know the point of view of the other one. a few keywords, imagine the rest and you are ready to go

    @HectorBrando i usually lose 2 gens, always before i hook the first. even if i hit everyone and have one slugged. with myers i could end up losing even 3 before leaving tier 1 if they play really carefully with spinechill. really rare, but it happend and i played much myers, too, so it doesnt comes from all to big mistakes(not to say that i am godtier myers, but iam good enough to pull of good games if i didnt end up with 2 gens of each side of coldwind after the second hook. i had a game yesterday on azarovs, played freddy. i relized early that i was going against a good swf, got one who dropped pallets really early, even the god one was gone at the start of the game. they did 2 gens on the other side, while i planed my now nealy pallet free 3 gen area to protect. y bad for me they just come in and finished the gen while i was slashing through them. just sprint away, i goes for him.. rest straight back to the gen. i hit them often(downed but didnt hooked, since i dont have the time) and they take long for the gen, but at the end they got the gen and i got nothing out of it and iam pretty sure that was nothing i could have done but too hook the first downed to have at least this because i didnt have the power to stop them. it was the maximum of possible "pressure gens" without a instadown(played freddy) i could thought of, but it wasnt enough because they just didnt care and why should they... it isn't an allday happening, but it is possible and if people would be good as their ranks it would happen regulary

  • LetsPlayTogetherLetsPlayTogether Member Posts: 2,117

    "I want to load into the game and just slap in their faces to kill them right away"

  • grayon444grayon444 Member Posts: 757

    Bro, i can't understand what you're saying.

    You can't do a gen in the killers face if the gen still has 8 more seconds to go.

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