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I found the most optimal mindbreaker build

KsoniKsoni Member Posts: 607

After months of complaining about how the perk bad is, and trying to make it usefull, i finally found the good build with it where it actually comes in handy. Here's the build.

Ruin, Mindbreaker, Thanatophobia, Sloppy Butcher

This build works only on stealth killers (Ghostface, Wraith and Pig)

So the point if this build is to injure survivors, making them heal for a very long time, meanwhile all the progress they did on a gen will regress thanks to ruin. You will always get first hit thanks to mindbreaker. To my suprise, a lot of people on red ranks are running sprint burst, witch denies your first hit completly, because they can sprint burst to the nearest pallet. Mindbreaker prevents that. If survs don't heal then they are really easy to kill. In case of the pig and ghostface, once you get to the gen where there is injured survivor, you will have no problem downing them (if possible, approach behind cover so they don't spot you and run away). In case of Wraith, you need to hope there's no pallet nerbay.

Thiz build has only one downside witch is ruin.

Sometimes it lasts for very long, and its effect in midgame is soo good.

On the other hand, sometimes it spawns just in open field, then it feels a bit unfair.

Also mindbreaker has cool interaction with ruin. If the gen is almost done and you push surv away from it. It will regress really fast and apply mindbreaker effect to whoever repeairs it.

So that's it tell me what do you think about this build.

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