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NoED triggered when all totems broke (PS4)

EgoCityEgoCity Member Posts: 7

On ps4, last night, I was playing survive with friend with my misses in the same room and I destroyed 4 totems (I went back and watched the video to confirm this), I also saw my misses destroy the 5th.

when the gates fired up noED was activated and my misses got one hitter, I got the noED warning in my screen also.

I can confirm 110% that all totems were broken, I went back and watched the video twice.

so I’m guessing there is a glitch where noED is unstoppable, sometimes, when all totems broke before it triggers.


  • EgoCityEgoCity Member Posts: 7

    Platform: PS4

    Description of the issue: NoED triggers if you destroy all totems

    Steps to reproduce (if possible): destroy totems, finish last gen and forever NoED

    How often does this occur: Happened once that I noticed, haven’t tried before.

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