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Idea for a new killer mechanic + Monstrous Shrine rework

New Mechanic: Basement Shrine

If the killer wants to take the time out of their busy schedule, they can find the basement during a trial and "commune" with the Entity for a boon at the newly installed Shrine at the back of the basement. The boon being a random free addon, provided they didn't bring any into the trial. It would function like a chest does for survivors, and the killer would lose the addon at the end of the trial, like normal.

Mixed with this; Monstrous Shrine could be reworked to influence the Basement Shrine, similar to how Ace in the Hole buffs items found from chests. It could increase the odds of getting a better quality addon, with a chance of receiving an extra 2nd addon as well.

Might have to be balanced by keeping the quality of the free addons at Rare/Green quality or less.

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