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Killers CAN be overpowered...



  • TWiXTTWiXT Member Posts: 1,321
    edited March 2020

    Yeah, Killers can be Overpowered, but most of the time we don't need to be... unless we are frustrated or going up against overwhelming odds.

  • RayrafLPPRayrafLPP Member Posts: 520

    A Nurse with no add ons on the worst map CAN be stronger then the best survivor squad ever.

    However it has to be one of the best Nurse players to do so.

    Every other Killer will Fail against a coordinated team who plays competetive which means --> We want the killer to lose.

    So why do people win against 4mans? overaltruism. If they dont care about hooked people until they are about to reach 2nd phase they will genrush every killer except nurse.

    Moris are strong if there are weak survivors in the game who make mistakes and cause good survivors to make mistakes trying to protect them.

    4 Strong survivors will counter Mori by not getting downed a second time.

    You could do the maths of perfect games I guess and im sure if you consider everyone playing perfectly it has the outcome of the killer losing.

    Why? because killers dont get rewarded for Huge plays. They get rewarded for punishing bad survivor plays. If survivors dont make bad plays theyll win with ease except for nurse. Because she is the only killer where the system walks the other way arround.

    I guess the best killer add ons + mori would be 3 hatch one hit huntress.

    Best survivor perks would include dead hard for sure. You can dodge hatchets with dead hard so its at least one second chance against a optimal huntress.

    Gens being done with toolboxes in around 60 seconds each are 300 total seconds of time a killer has to get a 4k.

    In optimal games the exit gates would be untuched because the hatch would grant faster exit so one person has to bring a key too.

    Hopefully some person who likes math does some crazy calculations. It would be fun to read^^

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