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Entity Displeased Sound

tehshadowman33tehshadowman33 Member Posts: 939

What do you think of the sound that plays when you get an "Entity Displeased" screen after a game ends when playing as killer?

Entity Displeased Sound 11 votes

Too Loud/Annoying
tehshadowman33Azgarthus 2 votes
Just Right/No Changes Needed
PlanetJuke420FichteHiroUistreelshadow3989DetailedDetrimentfairfieldismsnoname11223345Awkward_Fiendasparagus 9 votes
Too Quiet/Boring


  • FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 711
    Just Right/No Changes Needed

    I never paid attention to the "Entity Displeased" and "Sacrificed" sound, it's quite subtle. I think it's good as it is.

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