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Hello people of the fog!

Since early 2017, Dead by Daylight's Community has grown exponentially and the task of Community Management has been growing with the game. To help out, we hired local Community Managers ( @Clyde / @Andy / @Giddawid ) and they have been doing an exceptional job with us but we quickly realized we needed more support. We are now getting reinforcements right here at BHVR Digital.

New CM? Who dat?

We are happy to welcome @Patricia as Dev-Community Manager for Dead by Daylight. She has joined the DbD team in September 2016 as a QA tester and already knows the game by heart! You will get to know her better while she is gradually settling in her new job.

But wait... there's more!

We also hired a whole team of part-time Associate Community Managers. They are the ones that are taking the immense task of reviewing in-game player reports as well as ban appeals. Welcome to @Aizeyu, @Dova, @Peanits, @Ryuti, Thomas and @Vorfidus !

Community Moderators (volunteer position)

Sometime in the next few months, we will open up more Community Moderator positions as well! If you are interested, keep an eye out for the recruitement post!

The new additions to the team will allow us to improve communication with the players by being more active on social networks and forums as well as in-game.

On behalf of the Community Management team,

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