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Why does Deadman's switch notifies the survivors if it activates?

KsoniKsoni Member Posts: 607

For me it doesn't make sense at all. I thought this perk will be something that catches survivors offguard, and next time the obsession is hooked, they would be like "Okay, the killer has deadmans switch, I wont go off a gen next time". Imagine if killer started a chase with survivor and in the hud they could see something like deadhard or adrenaline.


  • MikeasaurusMikeasaurus Member Posts: 2,325

    I've found most survivors I face don't care if the perk is active. They only bother to try unhook if nobody else is or I chase them off the gen. That seems to be the only time they'd dare let go of that gen. It has come in handy, but a lot of survivors are pretty much glued to gens lately.

  • ZoneDymoZoneDymo Member Posts: 1,946

    Because the game is stupid like that.

    You cant even call it survivor sided, its ... baby survivor sided.

    IT takes away any reward from having any experience with the game, normally in a game you learn to recognise things but here, it flat out tells you everything the entire time.

    Its just sad all around.

    Cant wait for future patches telling survivors BBQ is in effect or Nurses Calling and that they are currently within the killers range of sight, or I'm All Ears with a little timer on the right of the screen so they know when its off, good times.

  • KsoniKsoni Member Posts: 607

    I wonder why devs have done that.

  • andyollollollandyollolloll Member Posts: 940

    They already have discordance that does that for SWFs

  • BigTimeGamerBigTimeGamer Member Posts: 1,752

    This is what i've been saying, especially with ruin and shack nerfs

    granted Peanits replied to me when I asked and said they know people are against the Shack change, but they do tend to cater to new players

  • BigBrainMegMainBigBrainMegMain Member Posts: 3,826

    Also his totem breaking perk.

    It shouldn't let you know you're Oblivious, it should be BE.

  • SpaceCoconutSpaceCoconut Member Posts: 1,962

    Because the devs don't think survivors are capable of situational awareness and hold their hands in every possible way to protect them like children.

    They give them notifications for several things that happen in the game that a reasonably aware survivor could work around and be surprised by, taking away many surprise moments in the game.

    How many notifications in this way are given to the killer before they're actually affected by the perk?

  • KsoniKsoni Member Posts: 607

    I mean you don't get a notification when ds is active. Why shloud Deadmans havrme it?

  • ZoneDymoZoneDymo Member Posts: 1,946
    edited March 2020

    Right? if DS was as fair as this, then survivors unhooked with DS should light up white as soon as they are downed for the duration timer of DS.

    Same for BT, a killer should see before hitting anyone that BT is in effect.

    but nope.avi, lovely little "suprise" for killers, survivors? dont worry we will flat out tell you beforehand so you dont actually fall for that evil trap

  • Reborn2020Reborn2020 Member Posts: 1,138

    You suppose to force them to leave gen actually.

  • FrankieFrankie Member Posts: 807

    Simple answer: Because the devs need to make sure survivors have an advantage in every scenario.

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