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Why do survivors have to be like this sometimes



  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,151
    edited March 13

    I mean, you can be nice to everyone, first off.

    Secondly, ruin was more important, based on the sole fact that rank and its reset are meaningless numbers for a matchmaking tool.

    Add on that ruin was a risk/reward that caused players to learn how to do great skill checks or look for bones, its EASILY more important than rank reset. At least it was.

    Now, however, rank reset can be good or bad, but ruin serves no purpose in assisting players learning or being placed where they belong. Because ruin is now a non issue to new players.

    It was always a non issue for GOOD players. Now it does nothing to weed out the good or bad, as many perks seem to do.

    Also, I've been playing for long enough to know what's good and bad (and useless) for the game too. (I say too, giving you the benefit of the doubt, even though I really dont think you're that old of a player). The ranks need work (because they're not rank, they're a matchmaking tool) but saying the ruin change didnt affect how people rank up is asinine.

    All that aside, I'll echo my first point: you can be nice to everyone, regardless of their opinion. You not doing so AND trying to justify it just shows what kind of person you are, and makes you look really combative. Enjoy that....

  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,151

    Except, that it's not a rank, or a ranked mode. It's a matchmaking tool.

    You want a reward for telling the matchmaking tool that you can play by its algorithms and exploit it?

  • ZaWarudoZaWarudo Member Posts: 1

    DBD needs a voice chat, it would make it easier to solo survivors play amd communicate with the others

    In all my hours of gameplays, only one guy came to my profile and was toxic, but the thing that I hate on this game is the killers who place a tent near the hook and camp, it's like ez win to the other survivors but if they don't help, the guy who get hooked wont play and it will make a bad experience to the person, but it's something that we can't avoid...

  • juggliukjuggliuk Member Posts: 3

    >complains about bbq and rancor

    >brings red key

    Survivor main logic at its finest

  • ZtarShotZtarShot Member Posts: 439

    Ok l, yes, toxic survivors and all that. But did you just call self-care a "baby perk?"

    I assume you mean meta, but, self-care isn't meta, or op, for that matter. In fact, his loadout consisted of not "baby perks."

  • ChelseaFreakyChelseaFreaky Member Posts: 13

    Who the hell runs self care in red ranks? I wanna cry. Such a waste of time. Tbh, I hardly ever see people running inner strength. With how many people I see running NOED inner strength is such a good perk.

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