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Anxiety i guess

DeathsCrimsonMaidenDeathsCrimsonMaiden Member Posts: 91

My dad is sus since I tried to call my gf and almost caught me.

I dont have anyone else to talk to so woe is me right ? :)


  • yobudddyobuddd Member Posts: 1,151

    Sounds like he’s right to be “sus” (by which I assume you mean suspicious).

    Want his trust? Do what you’re told, follow his rules, don’t be sneaky.

    TLDR: To be trusted = be trustworthy.

  • DeathsCrimsonMaidenDeathsCrimsonMaiden Member Posts: 91

    I just wanted to talk to my gf (he still believes shes a guy)

    My life would be actual garbage if I was never sneaky tbh

  • xCarriexCarrie Member Posts: 875

    so...he doesn’t know about her i’m guessing? or that y’all are together? is there any reason why? i’d say just talk to him about it but idk if he’s against anything.

  • ellisaelellisael Member Posts: 9

    oh no, OG poster, i hope your anxiety has reduced and you get to talk to your partner soon

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