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New Perks!!!

PigsterPigster Member Posts: 137
edited March 12 in Feedback and Suggestions

New perk ideas I had in a train, cause of boredom.



You are able to see dying survivor in a range of 8 meters and the intensify they healed themselve. The general healing from dying survivor is decreased by 33%.


Each time a generator gets repaired by a single survivor, they become exposed after finishing it for 40/50/60 seconds.

"You should have stayed together.. "

(Hex: (?)) Defunct

Everytime the killer kicks a generator, the entity blocks it until the killer kicks another generator.

(If no hex -> the aura of generators are hidden while a generator is blocked)


Repairing a generator without the right knowledge can be dangerous. Failing a skill check within the terror radius will result in a small explosion resulting in injuring the survivor. This perk has a cool down of 60/50/40.




You do everything to protect your teammates, even if that cost your life. While the killer is carrying a survivor you gain the condition. Everytime you use this perk it will leave you broken and killable for 100/90/80 seconds.

Self Defense

Everytime the killer stays in a radius of 8/12/16 meter of the hook while your hooked for longer than 15 seconds. Grab a rusty part of the hook and throw it against the killer. This will stun him for 3 seconds.


You start the trail killable, rescuing a hooked survivor will instantly heal them and reveal your aura for 10/8/6 seconds.


Your aura gets blocked by killer and survivor. The health you gain by yourself is increased by 33%. Altruistic interactions with other survivor is decreased by 33%

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