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On the topic of the new Killer...

DVD420DVD420 Member Posts: 31

The Deathslinger is by far the most fun killer to play as. He made me enjoy playing the game again. He made me actively want to grind. And while I haven't played against him yet, survivors seem to have a lot of fun playing against him, or I've seen several survivor mains say as much at least. Probably doesn't apply to everyone. But what are your opinions on him? Is he fun and interesting, or just "Worse huntress"? And another thing, what is everyone's favourite build for him? I personally have the most fun focusing on chases, with both the reload speed add-ons, and maybe MnA.


  • TodgeweihtTodgeweiht Member Posts: 3,506

    Really, really fun, whether he is good or bad is debatable.

    I wouldnt call him a worse huntress, he has his sets of weaknesess and strenghts that makes him way differente from her, for instance, his power actually allows him to down exposed survivor, unlike huntress.

  • The__High_GroundThe__High_Ground Member Posts: 420

    I agree, hes one of the most fun killers to date, keyword, fun. Hes good for killers and survivors. I actually really like the new map for both sides this might be one of my favorite chapters to date. Doesnt have to be the strongest killer when hes a blast to play and to face. Of course all in my personal opinion.

  • ForgeForge Member Posts: 33

    I'd say the same experience here. He makes me forget about all the other Killers that frustrate me to play as (Nurse, Spirit, Oni)

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