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Which latest killer of the last few had the most "underwhelming" release to you?

jokerdude23_jokerdude23_ Member Posts: 102

I'm curious to know after facing A lot of deathslingers

Which latest killer of the last few had the most "underwhelming" release to you? 15 votes

jamako 1 vote
Seiko300Dr_LoomisImLeslieKetamine 3 votes
Demogordon_Ramsay 1 vote
SnakeSound222Boosted_DwightFichteHiroAhoyWolfEnderloganYTPlantCollectorzmassanithefallenloserAzgarthus 9 votes
Other (killers of the past)
Fobbo 1 vote


  • ImLeslieKetamineImLeslieKetamine Member Posts: 119

    Oni didn't have much hype, but became my favorite killer funnily enough.

  • PlantCollectorPlantCollector Member Posts: 343

    Ghostface, because they accidentally leaked him and it was a single paragraph, not a chapter. Guess i will go with him.

  • EnderloganYTEnderloganYT Member Posts: 616

    ghostface, despite being the great killer he is, was introduced too casually. instead of the "holy hell the got him! wOOOOOO" it was more "oh it's Ghostface. cool."

    and also casually saying that there was no survivor or map felt off.

  • FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 711

    Since the Ghostface Chapter didn't include a Survivor and a Map, it was kinda simple and seemed a bit incomplete. The fact that his power wasn't really the best on the PTB also didn't help. However, he was the first licensed killer to have skins, so that's nice.

  • jokerdude23_jokerdude23_ Member Posts: 102

    Agreed, as a huge scream fan, I was excited but for some reason he felt down-played when introduced to DBD, Instead of the next big deal for DBD like he shoulda been he felt more like a "oh cool another killer...........next chapter when?"

  • thefallenloserthefallenloser Member Posts: 1,230

    We all know the Stranger Things chapter was the best chapter in the game. Huge hype, no one saw it coming. TWO survivors, new inside map, great killer.

    But then Ghost Face was just... kinda dropped in. No survivor, no map, pretty mid-killer overall.

    Why didn't they get the movie rights!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • jokerdude23_jokerdude23_ Member Posts: 102

    I'd Kill for Sidney, A high school map, and a movie accurate looking Ghostface

    That'd be the dream

  • Seiko300Seiko300 Member Posts: 1,860
    edited March 2020

    I'm really always hype for every new chapter, the art department does such a ######### good job creating the characters and bringing them to life through their animations, character models and various cosmetics, and the team working on creating lore and developing story does a great job for every character too.

    That being said I'm gonna have to put my vote on Oni, I like him much better now in retrospect than I did when he first released because on release all I was thinking about was that he wasn't too unique. Aside from the killer themselves, I'm always most excited for the next really unique killer power, and all the other options listed have that.


    Was a stealth killer that had to actually stay stealthy and out of line of sight to use his ability, which was a perma reduced terror radius which didn't sacrifice movement speed / visibility (cough Pig) or immediate punish potential (cough Wraith). Ghostface's chapter also released the Undetectable status effect and the oblivious status effect, both of which are great, but the former of which directly stopped OoO (and other aura revealing perk) abuse which really hurt stealth killers.


    Was the first deliberately non-human killer which is huge in terms of lore and also potential future killers we might see in the future (The Door to see the Xenomorph Alien as a killer is now open). He introduced the concept of portals, being able to teleport from one part of the map to a previously setup portal somewhere else. This also came with brief periods of undetectable and moments where you could take advantage of the killer instinct mechanic. All backed up behind this long range charge shot attack called Shred which helped him be more viable in chases.


    Was a badass western cowboy armed with a harpoon gun fixed to a chain that reels the struggling bodies of resisting survivors toward him. That's pretty ######### epic and I don't think needs more elaboration or explanation

    The Oni

    But the Oni? The Oni had basically a slightly tweaked version of Hillbilly's chainsaw... Nothing super completely brand new in his kit, most everything in there were mechanics we had already seen repurposed into a new character and it kinda made me less hype won't lie. It was only after I saw some more gameplay of (I think it was Tru3ta1ent) him on PTB or something using the ability through a jungle gym, sliding against walls and eventually landing an instadown with a flick around a corner that I finally thought "Hold up, this guy is really something new with some serious potential". Hadn't really made up my mind on the character until after I got my hands on him though post release and got to experience what it was like firsthand, now he's on my list of favorite killers.


    Ghostface was hype, wym.

    But for all you naysayers who voted Ghostface I just can't get on board with that, it was the absolutely most hype I had ever been for any chapter (or paragraph) ever. I remember watching the trailer over, and over, and over, taking multiple screenshots of how he waved and jumped at the camera with a bloody knife, sending those screenshots to friends, even people who didn't play DBD. I had been rooting for this character to make it into the game for three bloody years, posting threads, commenting on threads, suffering all the ######### who said "Oh, Ghostface isn't scary" or "Oh, Ghostface is just a normal human with no supernatural powers or strengths" and "if he made it in, he'd probably suck" but he finally made it in and moreover he's the most viable stealth killer in the goddamn game leagues over The Pig, Wraith, Myers, whoever. SO WHO'S LAUGHING NOW #########???

    That person Mathieu Cote described in the Ghostface behind the scenes when he said "If you take any random people out there and you ask what's their list of the top ten killers in the world of horror- Ghostface is gonna be somewhere in there". That guy was me with Ghostface at #1 favorite killer babyyy let's go~

    Sure, the reveal that there would be no woodsboro high school map or Scream survivor (everybody out there voting for Sidney but I wanted to see Randy Meeks in there over everyone) was a bit of a let down, but with the climate towards Ghostface at the time people weren't sure if he'd make it in at all. People knew his license was split between the mask and the character so people in the community were thinking "there's no way the dev team can get both, and if they can't get both I wouldn't want him in at all" so I was extremely happy to see those leaks and even more so when I saw the official trailer drop soon after. Plus, let's be honest I was not rooting for a scream chapter for as hard and as long I was to see a scream survivor. I was doing it to see the man himself Ghostface silently stalking his victims before a knife comes out of nowhere to "Gut them like a fish". And now needless to say I'm a Ghostface main.

    That's just me though.

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  • jokerdude23_jokerdude23_ Member Posts: 102

    Good points, Only thing I like about oni is his amazing character design, but gameplay wise and impact I just find him extremely lack lustered, Ghostface is my favorite killer personally as I am a huge scream fan, the lack of content never bothered me (I mainly play killer) plus I love his cosmetics and references to fun world products and mask that exist it's all very creative, I enjoy GF a lot

  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 3,703

    Definitely Oni.

    He was connected to The Spirit, with the same map type too. So he didn't really have a fresh, new feel.

    The whole prospect just didn't seem appealing to me.

    I also find his gameplay sluggish and ineffective.

  • Demogordon_RamsayDemogordon_Ramsay Member Posts: 1,503

    It kills me to say it since I thought this DLC was almost 100% great, but it's the truth: Everyone was so hyped for Demogorgon to the point that the ST trailer was the most viewed gaming video on YouTube trending for a while. But not only did all the new players leave almost immediately after realizing this game is utter dookie, but the only Survivor Perk that anyone uses from this DLC is Inner Strength, Demogorgon's playrate is extremely low even though he's a great Killer, and no one in their right mind thinks Hawkins is a well-designed map. I have never seen the hype for a new DBD chapter die as quickly as it did with Stranger Things.

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