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Rank reset didn’t work lol

TheMidnightRidrTheMidnightRidr Member Posts: 554
edited March 2020 in Feedback and Suggestions

I know the devs made a boo boo last month and people were reset further than they were supposed to be, so they made a fix in hopes of players being reset correctly today. This time the ranks didn’t even change haha. At least for me they didn’t.


  • AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 3,402

    It's a visual bug, restart your game and it should be fixed.

  • kaylawakekaylawake Member Posts: 15

    I was rank 4 and my friend a rank 8....both got reset to rank 10. Not really fair.

  • XRuecianXRuecian Member Posts: 118

    Yea i think i deranked like one or two ranks, it didn't really feel like a reset. Took like an hour and i was right back where i was. Not really sure what the point of the reset even is. This game doesn't have ranked seasons, there isn't any ranked rewards. They should just leave everybody at the rank that they can reach. The only reason to do a reset is if they are making drastic changes to the ranked system/gameplay.

  • GoshJoshGoshJosh Member Posts: 3,776

    It didn't work in another way. I haven't been matched with more yellow and green rank killers in a long time (purple/red rank survivor).

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