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Streaming Dead By Daylight SO close to affiliated with twitch


Hey everyone, I'm here streaming on Twitch. I'm really close to becoming affiliated. I could really use the help. My last goal for reaching affiliated. I just need 5 people to chat at the same time. I stream DBD and Would greatly appreciate anyone coming by to say Hi and hang out. Please come help me get the word out for DBD! I'd greatly appreciate it. Not trying to spam this forum just genuinely trying to promote my stream and Dead By Daylight. I'd greatly appreciate the support. I do have a few rules though.

1.) Please be respectful to everyone in stream.

2.) No profanity or politics talk.

3.) Be nice and have fun!


  • JoeyBobJoeyBob Member Posts: 209

    If pretty sure everyone's close to being affiliated if you only need 5 people.

  • EmeraldBloodDragonEmeraldBloodDragon Member Posts: 16

    Joey, I only need 5 people talking at the same time in my chat XD but mega close ^>^

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