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Is it just me or nerfing killer perks flustrates everyone?

KsoniKsoni Member Posts: 607
edited March 2020 in General Discussions

Why are you keep nerfing killer perks from PTB if they won't become meta anyway?

First surge nerf that was unnecessary, then gearhead. You prevent new perks to meta options but why?

Nothing will beat such a good perks like Pop, Corrupt, Spirit Fury, Enduring, Noed, Discordance. So why nerf them in first place?

Have you noticed that making complicated perks makes them much less playable.

Lets take a look at Gearhead and Discordance.

Discordance - if 2 survs are on a gen then it lights up for 12 seconds

Gearhead - If you hit survivor with your basic attack then for the next 30 seconds if someone hits good skillchecks the gen will be light up for as long as it being repeaired.

The simpler the better.

I understeand that making perk that is simple to use is very hard when theres so many perks alredy existing. So maybe instead of making more complicated perks that do the same thing but worse and require more conditions, make something totaly diffrient.

Maybe make something that will benefit hemorage statuss effect, hell make a perk that involves hindred. We dont need perks that shows us where survs are/ with gens are being worked on, because we know where survs are alredy. If they aren't on a gen why would we care about thier position in the first place?


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