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Do you think the developers are aware of how bad the decisions they make actually are?

So let's take Gear Head for the most recent example. This was a mediocre perk at absolute best in the PTB yet it got a severe nerf for no reason. This has just been one in a long line of bad decisions. Do you think they're aware of how stupid the changes they make are and just dont care?


  • FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 711

    The Devs make these changes for a reason. The nerf to Gearhead must have been done for a specific reason that we don't know of. My best guess would be that it was overperfomlng in some scenarios.

    I don't agree with them on this nerf, but I don't think Gearhead would have been a meta perk anyway.

    I think they do care, because it's much more time-consuming to nerf/buff something than to leave it as it is.

  • ZoneDymoZoneDymo Member Posts: 1,946

    honestly no, I dont think the internal communication and plan fo the game are really clear for everyone involved.

  • YaiPaYaiPa Member Posts: 1,929

    absolutely no. For many things they did in the past (like flashlight and pallet saves at any given time, ruin nerf without considering the reason why ruin was used, mettle of man, and much more #########). Most of them don't play the game enough at high ranks.

  • FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 711

    Agreed. They balance the game around the majority of the Community, Survivor players, since it is quite a bit divided on core issues of the game.

    That's why Killers get nerfed more often than Survivors. Ruin was nerfed because a lot of new players started playing after the release of the Stranger Things DLC. They were frustrated because of the Ruin Skill Checks and the Devs nerfed it to the ground.

  • ArdjetArdjet Member Posts: 85

    And yet, any skilled killer wouldn´t rely on Ruin anyway - I don´t even consider it a nerf. It was crap to begin with.

  • HakuHaku Member Posts: 610

    To be fair it is you being stubborn thinking they are regarding the MoM. It was a cash grab. Don't ask me why they did it - there can be million of reasons. But I remember very well that Ash was released outside of their normal releases just like that randomly shoved I think not very long after a normal chapter was released. It was so obvious and they made it be that obvious so you can buy it. That is why I don't spend money on the game anymore. Because that sole release that was give to us in such unhealthy state. Now all 3 perks on the Ash are terrible. Basically your money is wasted but who cares. Well I try to not forget ! They this similar shenanigans soon after when the game was at its low I don't remember why exactly but there were some major problems and suddenly they put "randomly" BBQ in the shrine. And people suddenly forgotten there were problems ... So I am pretty sure they are aware of many things they just don't care cause they think about other things. Recently they started asking in their surveys about how bugs affect our enjoyment of the game so who knows things may change

  • Warlock_2020Warlock_2020 Member Posts: 1,868

    I think their biggest issue is in the vetting process of perks and powers. It seems they don't look hard enough at how one new idea could be exploited when combined with other in game perks and powers.

  • ItzPixelYTItzPixelYT Member Posts: 613

    I think they know and don't care. All they care about is their next cash grab. They probably know the game is dying and only care about making new cosmetics and content for people to spend their money on rather than actually fixing issues. I play on Xbox, we still don't have dedicated servers, frame-rate drops...I lose frames just sitting in the menu spending my bloodpoints and not to mention all the errors.

    That's just the beginning...unbalanced perks (on both sides)...terrible hit detection (aparently this is ping related)...

    They legit said in a previous Dev stream that they use these "capsules" for hit boxes which is probably one of the oldest methods for a hit-box and they have them so big compared to the characters. It's quite dumb how this game is being Developed and IMO they don't deserve the IP.

  • Predator3174PLPredator3174PL Member Posts: 300

    After recent Legion changes? No.... They are not aware

  • LetsPlayTogetherLetsPlayTogether Member Posts: 2,117

    Then mention those "long line of bad decisions" instead of making up a conspiracy build on something as nonsensical as a bad perk being changed into a bad perk, which literally doesnt change anything, so it cant be a bad decision.

  • HellDescentHellDescent Member Posts: 4,505

    Some of them might be, while the ones who call the shots are in complete denial.

  • Salty_PearlSalty_Pearl Member Posts: 1,367

    As much as I love the developers and this game, they don't really own up to their mistakes. Take Legion and Nurse for example, their reworks made them an absolute mess. Instead of going back and trying to fix them, they let them suffer for months without doing anything to help them. They also seem to ignore a ton of negative feedback on the PTB since most of the stuff just gets pushed to live with no changes cough Deathslinger, Ruin cough

  • NickeleyeNickeleye Member Posts: 278

    How much $ did DBD make last year?

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