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Make certain add ons not disappear for survivors upon escaping

I just played a match with David for archive mission, I rarely play david so i dont have a lot of perks/items on him

I needed to be chased for 30 seconds and escape, and ive had absolutely awful luck lately with toxic killers and selfish teammates, so i brought my only key i had on david. I went through 3 pages of his bloodweb to get the addon that saves the key when you use it (i already had the save on death one), but I ended up not getting chased by the killer enough because he just left me everytime someone got unhooked, and I didnt take hatch because he had noed and i went back to unhook 2 teammates right next to the gate so i just left the normal way. So now I have to play as david again and hope i get chased enough AND get decent teammates (which lets be real, probably wont happen) and in the probable case that I die I lose my key now even though I spent a buttload of bloodpoints getting these addons that I didnt get to use at all

TL;DR I spend a buttload of bloodpoints on a character I dont use for an addon I didnt get to use and because I made a good play and somehow didnt die, and I was punished for being selfless and helping my team instead of just taking the hatch. Now I have to play again and based on the last week of games, Ill probably get bad teammates and lose my key because I lost my addons without using them.

If you want to nerf the everliving hell out of toolboxes, that sucks but fine. but dont ALSO make us lose our addons like how is that fair, most survivor items suck without addons, so we HAVE to spend BP to get them for them to be effective enough, ESPECIALLY toolboxes cause they are borderline useless even with addons now. Killers can do perfectly well in a game with no addons at all, but their addons affect their power (which they dont need to spend bloodpoints on like items) so its almost guaranteed theyll get to use the addons regardless, so it makes more sense if you lose killer addons after using them (especially since some of them are ridiculously broken but thats a different issue)

but at the VERY LEAST, make key addons not disappear because its super likely they dont get used anyways


  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,904

    Those add-ons prevent a thing from happenning IN CASE it happens. Same goes for White Wards.

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