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Chapter Concept: Entropital Perplexity

icemancaticemancat Member Posts: 138


This chapter is tied within the Lery’s Memorial Institute, following the story of two characters involved with Project Awakening one way or another. This chapter includes a new survivor, a new killer, and a new map on the Lery’s Memorial Institute Realm. 

New Map: Woodfield Infirmary

The Woodfield Infirmary was one of the several out-buildings located within the Lery’s Memorial Institute property. Being one of the newer buildings, it was named after one of the Institute’s top surgeons, Dr. Ronald Woodfield. Woodfield was known as an exceptional surgeon, climbing up the ranks within the Institute to earn his spot as one of the doctors chosen for Project Awakening. However, like the rest of the Lery’s Memorial Institute, it would all become shut down and abandoned. No one truly knows what happened to the staff and patients as it will remain one of life’s great mysteries.

The Woodfield Infirmary would be an indoor type map, set in a similar hospital setting to the Treatment Theatre map. However, there are some notable differences. This map will have more recurring rooms consisting of multiple surgery tables within the same room. The more common types of things you see in hospitals will also be on the map, including a lobby room, offices, and hospital beds in the hallways. However, there is one special room in particular. This room is a large, open room with dozens of comfortable chairs facing a large screen which flashes certain images of what appears to be certain hypnotizing images. This large screen is on what appears to be a mini-stage and going backstage reveals multiple boxes with broken supplies all over the floor. If one looks closely, they can see a few masks lying on the ground. Perhaps occasional performers would come in to perform for the patients.

New Killer: The Shrewd


Ever since grade school, Gordon Firoz was always seen as the weird and creepy kid at school. Nobody would sit with him at lunch and no one would play games with him during recess. Gordon later adapted to this lifestyle and paid little attention to it. As the years went on, Gordon would get harassed for not being like the rest of them, to which Gordon scoffed at. He decided that he would become better than them. All of them.

Gordon began studying for immense durations of time. He had no time for idle talk or games. He only had time for becoming better than his oppressors. So, he went on throughout his high school years to become better than them. He would achieve highest honors in his graduating class only to be laughed at once more when his name was announced. Furious, he stomped off the stage, leaving his former classmates behind.

Now out of high school and away from home, he pressured himself to become even better than he was before, but he didn’t know how. One day, when passing by a newspaper box, he saw a particular news headline that caught his interest; “Lery’s Memorial Institute Now Belongs To CIA”. This is what Gordon was looking for. The path that he was trying to uncover to become superior to those halfwits back at school. He ran back to his dorm room and immediately began his long research projects to become accepted to this elite team. Finally, after countless hours of research, he figured the only way to be accepted was to be better than the rest. And in doing so, Gordon adapted the mindset that learning how your opponents think is key to beating them. So, what better way to accomplish this than becoming a neurosurgeon.

After acquiring his degree through years of hard work, Gordon gained instant attention from the CIA to the point where they privately selected Gordon as a candidate for testing with dozens of other recruits to see if he had the potential they were looking for. Sure enough, he did and he along with several others were pulled aside and chosen for transfer to Lery’s Memorial Institute. However, Gordon was a special case and was transferred over to the Woodfield Infirmary. Ecstatic, Gordon couldn’t wait to meet first hand the professional Dr. Ronald Woodfield, one of the site’s best surgeons according to rumor. However, when Gordon was transferred over to the infirmary, he was greeted with disturbing screams of patients. Gordon was frozen at first, standing in the main lobby of the infirmary, not really knowing what to think. He suddenly felt a calming presence with each agonizing scream, satisfied to hear others in pain. He grinned as he would soon begin his work with Project Awakening.

Throughout the next several years, Gordon would be trained under the hand of Dr. Woodfield himself, learning every trick in the book. From manipulation to severe punishments for their “patients”. Suddenly, Gordon thought back to his oppressor from high school when squeezing information out of a rebellious patient. Once his job was finished, he asked Woodfield permission to abduct a particular individual for “questioning” which would ultimately become another subject for his experiments. Woodfield approved. Surely enough, within the next week, Gordon’s oppressor was abducted and Woodfield handed Gordon the reins. Fueled with pure hatred for his oppressor, Gordon began the experiment.

Gordon tore through the bully’s scalp with no hesitation. He kept cutting deeper into his oppresor’s head to reach the brain and when he did, the core part of the experiment was about to commence. He then pierced the left and right side of the oppressor's brain with a red and blue wire. He then began to slowly move one of the wires gently to suddenly make the subject’s arm jump. Fascinated, Gordon chuckled, pleased with his successful experiment. With this test complete, Gordon was one step closer to fully controlling the minds of anyone that crossed him. 

However, Gordon’s streak of successful experiments would come to a sudden halt as he along with a few others got carried away with their work. They became obsessed with violence to the point where dozens of other employees and patients at the institute attempted to escape with many getting killed in the process. Suddenly, a dark fog began to circle Gordon, as he would soon be able to resume his work, albeit in a different setting. As long as he would be able to show that he is superior, he would be satisfied.

Base Stats

Movement Speed: 4.4 m/s

Height: Tall

Terror Radius: 24 m.

Killer Rundown

The Shrewd is a tactical killer, able to use his Impulsing Veins to predict and stop Survivors in their tracks with enhanced abilities.

His personal perks, Yearning Nerves, Counterbalanced Force, and Hex: Intricate Operation, allow him to foresee the plans of survivors, capitalize on mistakes, and disorient the survivors.


Yearning Nerves

Planning is key for a strong victory. When a survivor completes repairs on a generator, the next generator they come in contact with creates a loud noise indication and is highlighted in yellow for 2/4/6 seconds. (Unlocked as Teachable Perk at Level 30)

“If I can learn how they think, then failure for them is near certain.”-Dr. Gordon Firoz Field Notes 5-11

Counterbalanced Force

An unnatural force takes over when an opposing goal is met. Each time the survivors complete repairs on a generator, The Entity blocks the furthest 3 generators from the completed one for 10/15/20 seconds regardless of survivors repairing the generator or not. (Unlocked as Teachable Perk at Level 35) “Lock them up immediately. They’ve made a very crucial mistake.” -Dr. Ronald Woodfield

Hex: Intricate Operation

A trapped Hex that sets the survivors off-course. When this Hex is cleansed by any survivor, 1/2/3 random generator’s repair progress is shuffled to any incomplete generator and loses 10% total progression in the process of being shuffled. (Unlocked as Teachable Perk at Level 40) “While this operation is risky, it will greatly work in my benefit if the procedure ends up in my favor.” -Dr. Gordon Firoz Field Notes 6-14

Power: Impulsing Veins

With all of the procedures he has done during his time in the field and with a hidden power cursed upon by The Entity, The Shrewd obtained the power of Entangling Grip while at the same time, having his own mind forcing himself to perform at drastic levels and react faster than the average human, resulting in obtaining the power of Neural Insight. As a result, this enhanced The Shrewd’s ability to catch the survivors off guard while detecting their movement at the same time.

Special Ability: Entangling Grip

Press and hold the power button to charge Entangling Grip. Once released, a tentacle-like hand will rise from the surface of the ground attempting to grab a survivor. If a survivor is grabbed, the survivor will be immobilized for a short duration before struggling out of the Entangling Grip.

  • The Shrewd can cast Entangling Grip up to a maximum range of 24 meters
  • Survivors are immobilized for 3 seconds before freeing themselves
  • Entangling Grip cancels any general action a survivor is in the middle of (repairing, healing, sabotaging, cleansing, etc.)
  • The longer you charge Entangling Grip, the further the tentacle hand will be cast in front of you
  • You can cast Entangling Grip through solid walls and objects
  • Entangling Grip has a brief cool-down of 5 seconds after every use

Special Ability: Neural Insight

Press the Active Ability button to activate Neural Insight for various detection abilities. Survivors within specific ranges from you will be detected with different notifications.

  • Survivors within 33-48 meters will create a loud noise indicator
  • Survivors within 17-32 meters will trigger Killer Instinct for 3 seconds
  • Survivors within 8-16 meters will have their aura revealed for 3 seconds
  • Neural Insight can only be activated when not on cool-down
  • Neural Insight has a lengthy cool-down of 80 seconds on use
  • Neural Insight has a 5 second activation time with an audible sound cue

Author’s Notes

I feel as if The Shrewd’s backstory, perks, and power would all be interesting additions to the game. The Shrewd’s backstory can open up more thought and potential in the lore with Lery’s Memorial Institute and can definitely be a good candidate for a character in The Archives with the amount of potential The Shrewd’s backstory may have. As for the perks, I feel as though these 3 killer perks would make for great additions in the game. As the description of The Shrewd’s perks suggest, they are focused on punishing survivors for not planning ahead of time and just rushing generator repairs in a unique and different way. A survivor that reveals a generator with Yearning Nerves is a telltale sign that they haven’t really been chased in a while, indicating that a new target is at a specific generator location. It also adds another option for players to choose for their “information-type” perk. I also believe that the perk Counterbalanced Force would also make a great addition to the game. It would stick with the theme with The Shrewd’s perks involving punishing survivors for not planning ahead of time by blocking the 3 furthest generators from one that they just repaired for a maximum time of 20 seconds. While some may see this as another low-tier game slowdown perk, it can actually be utilized in a different way by setting up the map in your favor by keeping the generators closer together, reducing the killer’s patrol route and saving them the time they need instead of a straight-up raw generator repair speed reduction. Finally, the perk Hex: Intricate Operation seems like a fun and gimmicky perk to use. I understand that while an immediate regression penalty is not the most preferred method for perk design, there is still plenty of risk with using this perk. If cleansed at the wrong time, the progress could be swapped in the survivor’s favor to 1 survivor with 15% repair progress to 2 survivors with 85% repair progress. Overall, I believe Hex: Intricate Operation is a wild card perk that can save you time in lucky situations, but would still be dangerous to use.

For The Shrewd’s ability, I feel as if it is a well-designed high skill, high reward power. With the first ability, Entangling Grip, it requires the same type of muscle memory as it would for memorizing where you will land with a Nurse’s blink. The reason why I chose The Shrewd to have 110% movement speed is because I believe The Shrewd’s Entangling Grip ability is a very reliable tool that can be used in chases. Killers that have more reliable and consistent powers to help with chases are often compensated with a reduction in movement speed to not make them too overpowered. As for the second special ability, Neural Insight is a powerful and effective ability that can be used in multiple scenarios ranging from dishing out damage to multiple survivors, applying pressure to multiple survivors, assisting in tracking survivors to initiate a chase, or assist you during a chase to help you predict where they will go. In order to make The Shrewd’s secondary ability balanced, I needed to add a considerable cool-down to the ability to make it non spammable. If someone has constant information on where every survivor is at during every second of the game, that would be too powerful, therefore, a cool-down is needed to make this ability balanced. Overall, I feel the general strengths and weaknesses to The Shrewd would be that he has excellent tracking capabilities and the tools necessary to help end chases quickly. A highly skilled player would be able to gain momentum by catching multiple survivors in a relatively quick amount of time, applying pressure on the survivors which in turn, slows down the game. The big weakness to The Shrewd would be his lack of map control. While he can interrupt survivors off a generator 24 meters away for 3 seconds, that is not what the ability was really made for and it wouldn’t be very consistent either. Luckily, The Shrewd’s unique perks can help with gaining the map control that he needs as the game progresses as well as other perks already introduced in the game.

New Survivor: Eric Kane


If there is anyone in the world who strived to live a simple life, Eric Kane fits the profile more than anyone else. Throughout his K-12 years, he never strived to be the best. Instead, he dreamed of a life where after a long hard days work, he would be able to relax and watch his favorite show in the evenings while drinking his favorite cold drink. People took notice of his carefree personality and wanted to follow in his footsteps. However, by the end of high school, he would only keep in contact with a few of those friends he made, as he never did attend his high school graduation ceremony. Instead, he preferred to have the school send him his diploma so he wouldn’t need to waste anymore time with the place that held him hostage for so much of his time. 

After high school, Eric would work towards acquiring his bachelor’s degree in order to be hired on as an electrical engineer. During his college years, one of his friends, Duncan, was inspired by Eric and pursued a similar dream to live a relaxing life. Once the two of them graduated from college, they began job hunting. They came across Wyatt Engineering, a company that involves its workers solving problems related to electric machinery. They both decided to apply for the job and were hired by their new manager, Lewis Patrick. Eric and Duncan would be paired up and would be tasked with helping people within the city fix any electric-type problems that may arise. Things were looking great for the two of them. However, this opportunity would be cut short.

One day, when the work day was coming to a close, Eric made a trip to the main office to retrieve his tools that he left behind on accident. Suddenly, he heard the voice of his boss yelling at a man to get his bags and leave. Eric rushed to his manager’s office to find that it was Duncan that was being yelled at. When Eric asked for the details, his boss let the cat out of the bag and told him that Duncan attempted to steal other worker’s paychecks. Shocked, Eric didn’t want to believe those words and tried to defend his friend with little success. He knew what was about to happen to his friend and he wanted to prevent his friend from going back home to the family that neglected him. Eric then offered his boss to let Duncan off the hook this time and in exchange, he would leave instead. His boss, laughing, told Eric that what he was about to decide will be the biggest mistake of his life and asked Eric one last time if that’s what he truly wants to which Eric accepted. 

In need of another job, Eric looked through numerous ads in hopes of finding a place where he was needed. Unexpectedly, he heard a knock on his apartment door. Eric would rarely get visitors aside from his few friends and occasional family. He opened the door to be greeted by a man in a black suit with a red tie. Eric asked if he needed something to which the man replied that Eric was just the person that “they” were looking for, as he pulled out some papers detailing information about someone being needed to set up electrical equipment for a specific project. Eric took the papers and said that he may be interested to which the man then explained that if that were the case, then he wants to begin the interview immediately. Surprised, Eric let him into his apartment.

When the two of them took a seat, the man’s tone immediately changed. He informed Eric that this project is extremely “classified” and that he is not permitted to explain his involvement with this group by any means. Nervous, Eric felt like there wasn’t much “interview-talk” like he felt there should be and instead felt like he already got the job. Nonetheless, Eric agreed to the confidentiality rule. Satisfied, the man then told Eric that he just needed to sign some papers and that he would get started a week from now. Eric tried to find any notable details about the company of which he would be working for. He noticed at the top of the papers, “Lery’s Memorial Institute, Project Awakening”. He read the rules presented to him and signed on the required signature lines. Once that was done, the man smiled and said “Welcome to MKAwakening” and left with a creeping grin. Quite disturbed, Eric didn’t know what he was about to get into, but all he knew is that the pay was too good to turn down and that he needed to start packing his bags immediately.

One week later, he made it to Lery’s Memorial Institute where he met up with the man who “interviewed” him. He was brought into an office where his picture was taken and processed. The man then handed Eric his very own Project Awakening Badge and a black t-shirt manufactured by Project Awakening themselves. He was told to put the badge and shirt on in the bathroom. While on his way to change his shirt, he read what was on his I.D. badge. He noticed his picture was there along with his full name. The last noticeable detail Eric noticed on the badge was a clearance level of “Confidential”, a relatively high level of security clearance given the type of job that he was originally there for wouldn’t usually be granted such a high level clearance. Once he was changed into his outfit for the job, he was directed to a large room with dozens of chairs facing a big screen. His task was to fix the screen so that it would be able to turn on. “Turning on a big-screen TV? Easy.” Eric thought to himself. However, when he went back to inspect the electrical circuits behind the big screen, they were of a different type then what he was used to. The job would be doable, but it would take a moderate amount of time to complete. His interviewer who was revealed to be his new supervisor accepted Eric’s reasoning and went on with completing other tasks at hand. 

A couple of hours later, Eric completed the job and informed his supervisor that the job was complete. His supervisor grabbed a remote-like device and turned the screen on to a regular news broadcast. Pleased with Eric’s hard work, he thanked Eric for the job well done and dismissed him for the day. He told Eric that he would be sure to let Dr. Woodfield know of his hard work. Eric had no idea who “Dr. Woodfield” was, but he didn’t worry too much about it as he left for his new apartment. Eric would go on to complete dozens of other jobs on the institute's property and would get a few pay raises to reward him for doing good work. Things were smooth sailing for Eric, as he was living his dream of hard work for downtime. However, this dream of Eric’s would be snatched away from him like it has happened with so many others.

When Eric went to the Woodfield Infirmary to fix the electricity in the halls, his work would be interrupted with several screams. All of a sudden, the alarms went off, and he noticed multiple people ranging from patients to fellow colleagues trying to escape the infirmary. Frightened, Eric didn’t know what to do until he saw a hideous monster of a man tear through the scalp of one of the patients from down the hall, blood spilling across the floor. Frozen in place, Eric could not process what he had just witnessed. The man across the hall from him quickly turned to Eric and began running after him. Terrified, Eric screamed and ran down the hall away from his pursuer to an empty office. It was the office where he had his picture taken. He locked the door and pushed a heavy desk in front of the door in hopes of stopping his attacker. However, the man made it to the door and began banging his shoulder against it, slowly, but surely knocking the desk back and slowly destroying the lock on the door. Eric desperately tried to break the window in the room, but the window was too strong as it was made with a very durable material. It felt like he was trying to destroy bullet-proof glass. As the door was nearly broken through, the lights in the room began to flicker. In an instant, the light bulbs in the ceiling exploded, making the room completely dark as the door broke down. Eric closed his eyes, waiting for his inevitable demise only to open them to find a dark fog revolving around him in pitch black darkness. Trying to process what is going on, where he was, and why he is here was interrupted at light speed when he saw spider-like limbs closing in on him, appearing to take his life. Suddenly, Eric woke up next to a campfire, alone, entirely devoid of how he got there and realizing that the true horror would surely begin momentarily.

Survivor Rundown

Eric Kane is an intuitive engineer, adapting to current situations in order for the survival of himself and his allies.

His personal perks, Directive Ambition, Preventive Measures, and Selfless Donor, allow him to focus high-priority objectives, strengthen his chances for survival, and save his allies at the cost of his own protection.

Directive Ambition

Your mind is set on completing tasks. Unlocks potential in one’s Aura-reading ability. When the generator you are repairing reaches 90%/85%/80% repair progress, the repair progression of all other unfinished generators are revealed to you and can be determined by the intensity of their Auras for 8 seconds. “Just buckle down and finish the job. Once we’re done, you can relax.” -Eric Kane

Preventive Measures

Precautionary measures should be taken to ensure your survival. Each time you cleanse a Totem, Preventive Measures activates. While Preventive Measures is activated, press the Active Ability button to hide your Aura from the Killer for 20/25/30 seconds. “The only way to not die out here is to avoid those monsters with any precautions necessary.” -Eric Kane

Selfless Donor

You’ll give up everything for the safety and well-being of your friends. While unhooking a survivor, press the Active Ability button to activate Selfless Donor. Once activated, the unhooked survivor is automatically healed to Healthy if they are not affected by the Broken Status Effect. If the survivor you unhooked happens to already be in the healthy state when unhooked, they gain the Endurance Status Effect for 10 seconds. However, after every activation of Selfless Donor, Selfless Donor gains a token as well as you becoming the Obsession.

  • 1 Token: Your grunts of pain are 50%/40%/30% more audible.
  • 2 Tokens: You are affected by the Exposed Status Effect for 100/90/80 seconds.
  • 3 Tokens: The Killer can now kill you by their hand.

Decreases your chances of being the Obsession.

The Killer can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.

“I chose this because you deserve to have a bright future. You never deserved to deal with all of that ######### before. Don’t waste this.” -Eric Kane

Author’s Notes

I believe that Eric’s backstory and perks all have potential of being an actual character and new perks in Dead by Daylight. Like The Shrewd, Eric’s backstory can open up more opportunities in the lore involved with Lery’s Memorial Institute and would be an interesting addition in the Dead by Daylight lore. Once again, like The Shrewd, Eric Kane would also be a good character for lore expansion in The Archives. As for Eric’s unique perks, I believe that they would all be good additions in the game. Directive Ambition is a good objective-based perk that doesn’t resort to a raw increase in repair speed, having no real direct influence on the pace of the game. However, a smart user of Directive Ambition would be able to focus the objectives by either going to the next generator that has the most progress or splitting up the generators by starting repairs on a new generator to prevent the 3-gen strategy. Preventive Measures would also be a great addition to the game. Preventive Measures would encourage survivors to take up the time to cleanse totems for a strong benefit. This perk can actually do a lot.

  • Can be combined with Inner Strength for a powerful totem-cleansing combo.
  • More Points!
  • Cleansing totems takes up time, slowing the game down as a result without resorting to the raw decrease in repair speed idea.
  • More likely to prevent Hex: No One Escapes Death now that another perk involving totem cleansing exists.
  • On top of that, you have an on-demand Aura Reading immunity for a maximum duration of 30 seconds.
  • While powerful, it is still limited (Maximum of 5 uses possible, same as Inner Strength).

By using Preventive Measures, the multi-tasking potential is ridiculously good, which is the reason why I believe it would be such a handy perk. Lastly, Selfless Donor is one of those “powerful, but risky” perks. I tried my best to balance out the power of this perk so that while the effect is super useful for your teammates, you are risking your own life with each use. From more audible grunts of pain which may not seem too severe to giving the killer the ability to get a free kill. Also, when you use the perk, becoming the obsession is also dangerous since perks like Rancor exist. Overall, I feel that while Selfless Donor may seem like too powerful of a perk, I believe that it is relatively fair for both sides; survivor and killer.


Hey, you made it to the end; thanks for reading! I am open for any feedback on what you thought about this chapter concept! I wanted to see if I could expand on the lore of Lery’s Memorial Institute while at the same time creating new and interesting characters along with fun and solid perks to use. Once again, let me know what you thought about these concept ideas because who knows! It might be able to become a reality! I’ll leave off with some random trivia while making this chapter concept.

Thanks for your time,



  • The title of this concept chapter “Entropital Perplexity” has a certain meaning behind it.
  • The word Entropital (Or entropy) translates to “lack of order or predictability”.
  • The word Perplexity translates to “a complicated or baffling situation or thing”.
  • Therefore, the title literally translates to “Lack of predicting complicated situations”.

  • There are also meaning behind the names of The Shrewd, both the actual word “Shrewd” and the killer’s real name.
  • The word Shrewd translates to “having or showing sharp powers of judgement” which is supposed to reference The Shrewd’s power, the ability to make judgement calls from easy predictability.
  • The name Gordon was from a Scottish surname that originally came from a place name in Berwickshire which means “spacious fort”, a reference to The Shrewd’s unique perks and how they offer generator defence across the map.
  • The name Firoz is the Bengali form of Firouz, which is from Persian language meaning “victorious”, a reference to Gordon’s ultimate goal which was to be better than everyone else or in short, victorious.

  • Additionally, Eric Kane also has some meaning behind his name
  • The name Eric translates to “ever ruler” while Kane, a Anglicized form of Cathán translates to “battle”.

  • If Eric never left Wyatt Engineering, Duncan would have become a survivor instead, with Duncan going through traumatic events instead of Eric.
  • Both Eric’s and The Shrewd’s unique perks relate to their backstories.
  • The Shrewd’s unique perks reference Gordon’s past where he would plan and study for hours to learn how others think to ultimately surpass them in intellect.
  • Eric’s unique perks reference different events that happen throughout his backstory. Directive Ambition references Eric’s regular days where he would go to work to complete a task. Preventive Measures references when Eric locked the door and blocked it with a desk to prevent The Shrewd from killing him. Selfless Donor either references Eric sacrificing his job at Wyatt’s Engineering to let his friend continue working there or giving up something even bigger than that.
  • The man chasing Eric at the end of his background story was The Shrewd. However, before Eric could become one of the many early victims of The Shrewd, he was captured by the entity due to his emotional drive to escape which is something The Entity feeds off of.
  • Some of The Shrewd’s unique perks reference a few release dates of past accomplishments by Dead by Daylight
  • The quote on the perk Yearning Nerves are from Gordon’s Field Notes and marked “5-11”, the release date of the Spark Of Madness DLC releasing The Doctor, the one other killer involved with Lery’s Memorial Institute
  • The quote on the perk Hex: Intricate Operation are from Gordon’s Field Notes and marked “6-14”, the release date of Dead by Daylight

  • It is possible that Eric Kane is an organ donor. As seen on his unique perk Selfless Donor, the quote emphasizes Eric talking to someone and how they deserve a “bright future”
  • The Shrewd would be the second case of The Entity pulling another killer from the same area, the first being the Yamaoka Family.
  • The Shrewd’s appearance would consist of the surgery done to his past oppressor, consisting of a torn scalp with two wires dangling from his brain along with various other scars and cuts. This would mean that he was likely tortured into becoming a killer. This trait is very similar to that of The Doctor, where the very same equipment he used to conduct his experiments and torture was ultimately the same equipment that would be bound on to him for the rest of eternity and doubling as The Entity’s torture devices.
  • The Easter Egg on the Woodfield Infirmary map would be the masks behind the stage. A little side concept I had while making this full chapter concept would be that one of the masks in the back would be a mask split in half which would belong to another possible killer, The Unborn (For more information on The Unborn, check out my lore dive: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/134138/lore-dive-forgotten-killers#latest). The idea would be similar to how The Oni was first speculated with one of the katanas on the Yamaoka Estate map missing. It would be a similar scenario with the specific mask being removed from the map altogether. Observational players would be able to notice that something would be missing and the speculation would begin.



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