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Am I the only one or are some survivors are 'better' than others against Deathslinger?

mistar_zmistar_z Member Posts: 571

I'm talking hitbox and animation wise.

Some survivors seem to have more 'snappy' starffing animation that makes them 'seem' to turn faster, as well as some of them having running animations where their arms swing in a more sporadic movement.

The survivors I'm personally noticing it the most difference on while playing as the killer and as the survivor as well is that survivors like Jake, Laurie, Nea and Feng are some of the harder ones to hit even while they're just casually running.

Meanwhile on the opposite side of that survivors like Claudette and Meg are easier to hit because they stand more straight and their arms are closer to their bodies. Meanwhile survivors like Jane and Jeff are well you know... 🍑 I barely miss against these sets.

I'm uncertain about it at this point if this is true or not because the killer's still relatively new and I can't get people together to fully test this out or if its just placebo. I've talked to some people who share the sentiment but without a dev on it or some footage its hard to test.

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