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The community's common complaints of Dead by Daylight.

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NOTICE: Some things can be inaccurate. I really tried, though.

I have decided to take some time and create this thread that everybody in the community can contribute to. I have looked over a dozen posts on the Dead by Daylight forums that have any form of complaint or highly supported suggestion to "fix" the game. Whether that suggestion/fix is bad or stupid in any way, as long as it's community-supported or very common between us players, I'll post them here, and I do apologize if I miss anything common. That way, if the developers ever want to look into the issues of Dead by Daylight, they can use this thread to check out what everybody has been complaining about here on the forums, and then they can use these complaints or suggestions to better the game. Or not, it's up to them in the end. I don't care personally.

A lot of complaints have been made on this forum, about how a specific perk, a Killer, or even the smallest thing is unfair, unbalanced, or just bad for the game in general. So I have listed almost every bad thing that's been talked about (and some good things, too).

Oh yeah, I also add my own comments and what I think, but it does sum up everything pretty much.

Frequent problems with... Survivors!:

  • Toxic Survivors (T-bagging, Flashlight clicking, SWF bs, etc.): We all know how annoying some survivors can be. They will always be a pain, especially in the higher ranks. This is one of the common things I've seen posted by killer mains, or anyone that ever played killer and had a bad game.
  • Gen Rush: I've seen a million threads about gen rushing. I'd say it's in the top 3 most common "issues" talked about. Personally, as a survivor main, I can't say much about it. However I do think fast (2-4 minute) matches should be avoided, although that means the killers should have a play in that too. This brings me to the next one...
  • Uninteresting / Fast / Boring Matches: What can ya do? Guess the survivors have a train to catch. Same as the previous one.
  • Useless Perks: Ah, yes. There's a lot of useless perks on the survivor side. Or perks that need changing, for that matter. Some of these frequently talked-about perks are: Camaraderie, Object of Obsession, No Mither, etc.
  • Second Chance Perks (Decisive Strike, etc.): No killer likes these. Welp.
  • Sabotaging: Lol, nobody uses the new saboteur, and every time they tried, I as a killer owned them. Oh yeah, Franklin's Demise exists in case all survivors bring a toolbox, ya know.
  • Survivor Sided Maps: Uh... I mean, yeah, some can be good for looping. They say the new map is survivor sided, but what do I know?
  • Keys Suck!!: "Please remove" said some guy.
  • Toolbox Changes: Again, I don't mind these personally. A lot of people do, though.
  • Flashlights Too OP: Some killers hate to see it. Heck, they don't see at all! Ha haaaaa...!
  • Spine Chill & Premonition Ruins Stealthy Killers: Don't be stealthy then?

Frequent problems with... Killers!:

  • Toxic Killers (Tunneling, Camping, etc.): I mean, apparently it is a play style, so there's not much you can do.
  • Clown Sucks: Yeah, we know.
  • Nurse Sucks: Yeah, we know.
  • Hillbilly Too OP: Eh, very rarely some people play as him, but only because they're good with it.
  • Legion Sucks: For survivors, yeah.
  • Deathslinger Sucks: New killer, people mastered him, now survivors dislike him. I can relate.
  • Gearhead Sucks, They Nerfed It!!!: Yeah, a lot of these around.
  • Doctor Buff!!!: Survivors hate him, watch how he conquered the whole game with this one change!
  • Hangman's Trick Sucks, They Nerfed It!!!: What does this even do?
  • Killer Sided Maps: Like every single one of them.
  • Deathslinger Terror Radius: Absolutely. Fix this one.
  • Breakable Walls: Oh nooo, what am I going to do now, I'm going to be stopped by the killer and won't be able to infinitely loop him!
  • Plague Sucks: Apparently? I mean... Killers like her. I think.
  • Remove Mori!!!: "Please remove" said some guy.
  • RUIN SUCKS, THEY NERFED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Golly Jesus H. Christ on a bike riding to Los Angeles, calm down.
  • Add-ons Bad on Certain Killers: Sometimes, yeah. Actually, most of the times, lol.
  • FACECAMPIIIIIIING!!!!: I, too, love them. Respect.
  • Slugging: This one hurts the most. I can relate.
  • Not Enough Map Pressure: No comment.
  • Freddy's Broken: Nah, it's the dedicated servers. Trust me.
  • Deathslinger 115%: Because let's make him stronger than he already is.
  • Pop Goes The Weasel Meta & OP Perk: Yeah, get used to it.

Frequently suggested changes/ideas for... Dead by Daylight, the whole game!:

  • New Cosmetics: Gotta play dress-em-up.
  • Changes to Hag: Apparently she needs a change.
  • Changes to Doctor: No more... Just, no more...
  • More Events: Ok.
  • BLOODPOINT BOOST BECAUSE QUARANTINE: Good idea, actually. All I do is play everyday, so...
  • More, Better Maps: Yes.
  • DC PENALTY SUUUUUCKSSSS: Stop leaving then. Lol.
  • Dedicated Servers Suck: No comment.
  • Voice Communication: Okay, yeah, I know I should remain neutral, but just this once allow me to say: No.
  • Maps Are Dark: No comment.
  • Player Stats: Yeppers.
  • Better Ranking System: Yes.

If I missed something or you have another change/idea/complaint, post them in a reply here.


  • RezblazeRezblaze Member Posts: 829
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    Feel like this is less of a megathread and more of your own comments on hot topic issues.

    Not that the latter is wrong but I thought it would be a list of common complaints and ones they've addressed or ones that continue to go unanswered.

  • HuffHuff Member Posts: 1,480
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    The community in general just tends to be toxic douchebags for no reason. Not saying "in DbD community = toxic" but I've had several times, usually when a survivor/team of survivors think they're hot stuff and talk trash in end game chat, where people just bash for no real reason.

    Like I just had a game where I did poorly because I played too nice early on, and then I said something about "that's what I get for playing too nicely." Even a line as simple as that is enough to get people to pounce and be toxic. One even bringing up something along the lines of "why are you even talking, you're rank 15" (because I had just started playing killer again recently since I focused on the survivor tome challenges first.) On top of willingly letting people go here and there because, ya know, I got my challenge done for the match or whatever, keeping my rank down, rank reset barely happened a while ago. Yet this absolute titan of intellect brings up the stunning reality that my rank is 15, therefore anything I have to say is invalid, and I must be mad. This isn't just survivors that do this, but I think it just seems like it is more often because there's more of them I go against when I play the opposing side. And for some reason they end up thinking they're hot stuff as I said, which I don't get the same vibe from a lot of killers except sometimes Nurses.

    I don't know. I guess posting about it is kind of "giving a reaction" which is what they want, but my reaction isn't as much of anger, but it concerns me how downright stupid people can be. Just a good reminder of why I don't ever stick around for end game chat, whether I'm playing as killer or survivor.

    This comment got a little long-winded, but my point is that the whole "toxic killer" or "toxic survivor" thing usually will boil down to people like that. As much as I'd like to just be able to remove children like that from the game and not allow them to play, it's just a simple fact that people in general are toxic so it's something that's inherent with playing a game with others.

  • mattiebgoodmattiebgood Member Posts: 1

    Saying that "it's dark" is an understatement in some maps. On the Nintendo Switch, the elementary school is so dark, I can't see a generator even if I'm standing right next to it. That's not the only issue about how dark it is, I can't see what's in front of me, so I trap myself constantly because I don't know where I'm going. I'm a survivor main, and that makes it ridiculously hard. Call me a killjoy, but I usually just let the killer do his thing so I can move on to the next map. There are no options to increase the brightness or anything, so unless it's fixed on DBD's end, I'm just going to try and move on to the next map ASAP.

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