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Camping penalties



  • BeardedragonBeardedragon Member Posts: 425

    "Please enforce gen rush pelanties for players that use survivors. The game get redundant and reduces the fun factor where we encounter several games in a row that have players that gen rush constantly".

    all parts of this game have things that are unfun, your gen rushing isnt exactly a blessing either

  • AnnoyedAtTheGameAnnoyedAtTheGame Member Posts: 268

    I was in a match with pig who downed 2 players because all he did was camp at hook and wait. I turned the game off after the match. Ruined my gaming experience.

  • AnnoyedAtTheGameAnnoyedAtTheGame Member Posts: 268

    If survivors gen rush, you know where abouts the survivors are. How can people complain about this?

  • HumanarianHumanarian Member Posts: 145

    Just to make sure... How much do you know about what it's like to play a Killer? The first gen often pops before it's possible to even get a single down.

  • HakuHaku Member Posts: 535
    edited March 19

    Well you just said why camping killers decide your perks. First you are saying they don't and then you say BUT if you hate tunneling/camping then you run DS. So they do force you to bring these perks based on your words. You obviously read nothing of my posts. I may decide not to run these perks but as you said if I hate getting tunneled which I do / what a surprise/ I should run DS .Well I don't want to. I prefer the devs to change the game where campers don't get anything at all. I actually never heard by any of you so far here why camping is such an amazing tactic, how exactly do you enjoy it, what makes it feel so satisfying. All I hear it is viable tactic nothing else. That's because no one really can defend it as fun/healthy playstyle. Also assuming ranks in such manner is just juvenile. I may not be able to guess your rank but your age will do easly so please stop. You wont get far trying to provoke me /Ill just report you/

    Getting camped is an every day experience in Europe. If you check the forums regularly you will notice threads about it - very specific threads. But I don't want to start wars so I am not gonna mention anything else about it. But the problem remains and it requires actions

    @Deadeye your post are just so situational and based on just what you think is right but still very very situational. You usually see the killer from far you say - Well I really doubt that on a map like Hawkins, or any other indoor map. It is just so situational based on killers/map setup/perks involved. And also as long as you find teliing the camping is a [BAD WORD] shitshow /aka it sucks/ = I tell you how to play then everything you just said is telling all the survivors how they should play .... It is exactly the same thing you do. I've been taking hits plenty of times just to lure the killer away form a hook but they wont leave so that is a really big false statement there. Actually the SFW are the ones who would all run to the hook instead and try to brute force /not really the way you said it with making noises/. And as I said million times you cant tell solo players how to play and you never will. I just played few games this morning and I had 50% of the time the first hook killing himself right away. I can't control that and you never ever will be able to control it. I want to play the perfect games from your personal guide - "how to dbd" but that is not up to me

  • Lazerboy88Lazerboy88 Member Posts: 159

    Let me rephrase this killers don’t force you to run certain perks, you are the one picking the perks, you may like to have a build that counters a certain playstyle you struggle against but if there is a camping killer no you are not force to run borrowed time. Saying you shouldn’t have to run a perk to stop camping is basically saying you shouldn’t have to run perks to counter killer perks or killer play styles?? This just feels like survivor entitlement. If the killer chooses for whatever reason to camp someone like mindlessly camp, because there is situation where camping when done right is a valid strat. If they mindlessly camp at the start or middle of a game just do gens because that killer will lose. Once again you are also playing at low ranks so of course camping feels strong and stupid because survivors at that rank don’t realize how to handle it. The killer doesn’t force you to run any perk you have the option to run a said perk to help counter a said playstyle, camping doesn’t need to apply a debuff or anything the killer already loses points to chaser for being too close to a hook, I’m done with this argument because honestly every time i see a post complaining about camping I just die a little inside and roll my eyes. Peace.

  • FrankieFrankie Member Posts: 807

    You can spot a new, brown rank survivor from a mile away.

    Only survivors can punish a camping killer.

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