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We’ve created a special section in the forums for performance reports. If you notice frame drops in certain scenarios – when playing against a certain Killer, on a specific map, or even in the menus, for example – you can create a report here. You can also upvote issues you’re also experiencing to make sure we see it and help us decide which we should start working on first. 

If you’d like to take part in this effort, please create a report in this section of the forums.

Please be sure to include any relevant information, such as: 

  • The platform you were playing on 
  • Your PC hardware, if applicable 
  • The menu you were using 
  • Which map you were playing on 
  • Which Killer you were playing as/against 
  • When the performance drop started happening 
  • How much of an impact this had on your performance 
  • And any other relevant info 


Performance drops in Freddy’s Dream Realm 

Whenever I fall asleep, my frame rate drops significantly. This happens every time I play against Freddy on any map. I play on PC. 


Our goal – with your help – is to target and eliminate instances where your frame rate drops below the expected level. Thank you to everyone who chooses to participate, we are eager to see what you’d like us to work on next! 

The Dead by Daylight team 

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