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Feedback to the new Killer

NokoNoko Member Posts: 1

I wanted to give some Feedback to the killer from the survivor perspective.

Some negative Points. I will give another explanation later on to the single points

  • Way to small Terrorradius
  • To fast time to pull away from him
  • You almost don't get any chase points (that's also a problem with the huntress in my opinion)


I think his Terrorradius is to small. You almost don't have a chance to detect him and actually you can't tell if he is camping a survivor or is near by because you need to get really close to actually hear him. Therefore the detection rate is a lot higher than with other killers and makes it quite difficult to save somebody.

Time to Pull:

His pulling time is quite short so when you are shot at max distance you will still get hit because you only can escape when a hindrance is in the way

Chase Points:

That is also something I often see when playing against the huntress. You don't get chase points because of the range of their abilities. It is hard to pip when you are the one which is running all the time from the killer but don't have a chance to pip because you don't get the points. You are never really in any chase even when you are being chased.

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