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Is there a new trap mechanic?

I had 2 times the other day where I walked up to a trap, got the indicator I could disarm it, pressed the button, and instead of disarming the trap activated on me. The first time I thought I must have somehow pressed forward on my controller without realizing it right before I hit the button. The second time I was almost sure I did not so I decided to test it.

Over the course of the last few days every time I have played against a trapper I have intentionally went around trying to find traps just to see if I can disarm them.

I have walked up extremely slowly to them until I got the indication I could disarm. I have set my controller down on the coffee table in front of me to ensure I am not unintentionally moving forward. I have then hit only the button necessary to disarm the trap. 4 of the 5 times I have done this the trap has immediately sprung.

There isn't an issue with the controller either. I can not touch it and I don't move, so it isn't stuck in perpetual forward motion. The same button that is supposed to disarm a trap works perfectly for everything else.

I have searched and can't find anything indicating some sort of new thing with traps. Am I missing something or am I just getting some sort of weird bug?


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