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This community needs to changfe their aproach to frustation

Hey everyone

Just wanted to have a proper discussion on how this community handles frustation

When I see a discussion of someone claiming they will unistal the game and they do point out the issues with the game all the comments they get are either "see you next week" "get gud" and "bye"

Shouldn't we as a community try to keep players instead of driving them away? The number of players have been decreassing ever since the ruin nerf, and the frustations keep increasing, but instead of making proper discussions in this forum, all there is are comments of people telling others to either go away or to "get gud"

I agree that part of the frustations come from the developers side of balancing, but we as the community for this game should aim to make players keep playing and have proper discussions here in the forums with hopes for a better community


  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 1,871

    If anything I'm of the opinion that if someone is really frustrated with the game, they should take a break. I've done it myself after getting burnt out on this game as well as others, and I really feel like I made the right decision by doing so.

    They can always keep up to date on the game if they want, and if changes related to what frustrates them go through they can give it a shot again. If anything I tend to recommend trying out new stuff in-game or play with a different mindset as opposed to encouraging them to quit though.

    And some people have mindsets and wishes that are quite simply incompatible with any direction the game will ever take. Think "extreme" opinions like "remove SWF entirely" hardliners and people that want camping/tunneling to be made mechanically impossible or incur extreme penalties in-game with no compensation or something. They'll never truly be happy, so again the best thing for them is probably to find another game to play.

  • xCarriexCarrie Member Posts: 929

    There are some comments trying to get the person to stay but the ones saying “see you later” stand out more because it’s surprising true. The people who just say “get gud” are obviously trolls but not so much the people who say you’ll be back. The way I usually respond is give them advice and help them, then say either take a break or see you soon because a break is the best thing you can do from this game and nine times out of ten they will be back.

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,332

    Well, it depends on the tone of the OP. While I'm all for addressing people's concerns rather than just telling them to get lost, most of the time when someone makes an "I'm quitting the game" post they're well past the point of being open to discussing their frustrations or being 'talked down', and only want to hear from people who will tell them they're right (which is not a discussion).

    Also depending on the thread, sometimes "git gud" is a valid response, though that's not the most constructive way of phrasing it. Essentially what "git gud" translates to is "your problem would be solved if you improved your skills in this area instead of complaining that the game itself is the problem, because it isn't".

    If people are genuinely seeking help, by all means give them advice. To tell them to just "git gud" in that context is unkind and unhelpful. But if all someone is doing is complaining and trying to blame other people for their own errors, sometimes they need a bit of a reality check. Helpful advice won't do anything for someone in that position because advice is only helpful to people who believe that there's something they can do to change their circumstances. Someone who is already convinced that the game is at fault and there's nothing they can do doesn't want and isn't going to accept advice, and it's a waste of time to offer it to them. After a while, it becomes easier to distinguish one type of person from the other.

    Essentially, my point is that as nice as helping people in that situation is, sometimes it's obvious just from the way they're talking that they aren't willing to accept it. If all someone wants to do is rant about how much they hate the game, how the devs have ruined it, how they've uninstalled and will never give BHVR another dime, sometimes there is no constructive response to be given. In order for a "proper discussion" to be had, the OP has to want one in the first place.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 2,852

    I also think that many people don't really mean it when they say "I'm gonna uninstall". It is more like a threat of "loosing paying customers" to force a reaction. Which simply doesn't work. I have seen a lot of threads trying to argue like that, basically saying "do what I want or you never get my money anymore".

    Really depends on the thread, but as I noticed, this is the majority. If it is just basic frustration because of some elements in the game and not an overall game hate, this is something different. There are some trolls and there will always be, but mostly there are more positive responses. Surely also like "you haven't played the new killer enough to make a judgement" (which is true in some cases) but also suggestions and tips.

  • MigrantTheGreatMigrantTheGreat Member Posts: 858

    Since I joined the forums, we have been better at eliminating toxicity, from what I have observed. Most post about frustration is either about killer or from a killer main. Most killers mains encourage them to either play survivor or take a break from the game and come back, while survivors tell them to quit not realizing that they are making their queue times longer. If someone wants to quit, I encourage them to do it simply because I took a month break and came back completely immune to all the bullshit.

  • LifeQuestionsLifeQuestions Member Posts: 26

    I don't think it's a problem with the Dead By Daylight community, it's been a problem online for years. L4D, CS, TF2, etc have this toxic mindset and it's popular because there's no consequences.

    It's just too easy to sit behind a computer screen and not think of the feelings of other people since you can't physically see them. Doubt anything'll change for awhile.

  • PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 4,104

    Well, the "You'll be back" remarks have a solid foundation. If you've ever heard of the sunk cost fallacy or escalation of commitment and if you've played enough Dead by Daylight to want to make a forum account. Then, you've probably invested so much time in Dead by Daylight that by the time you finally try to quit, you've invested so much time to the grind that you'll come back as otherwise you'll see that time as wasted.

    That's my understanding of the responses, anyway.

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